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Commissario Trotti #3

1987 Book Cover


Set in Pavia (Lombardia, Italia)

1987, 2014  published by Soho Crime

Northern Italy, 1985: Commissario Piero Trotti is on the verge of retirement from the police force. He is 56 years old, and though he is widely respected for his integrity and work ethic, he is not widely liked. The junior detectives he works with transfer because hes too hard on them; his fellow commissioner is trying to force him out. Even his family has walked out of his life: his adult daughter has moved to Bologna, and his wife has left him for New York. All signs are telling Trotti that he needs to make a change.

Instead, he digs in his heels. The city is in an uproar after a young girl is attacked in her bed by an intruder. Aided by the one junior officer who still listens to hima dogged, unflinching female brigadier named CiuffiTrotti sets to work, trying to figure out the truth.

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