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Forbrydelsen-The Killing

Set in a Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish Crime Thriller

The Killing (Danish title Forbrydelsen, meaning "The Crime") is a BAFTA Award winning and Emmy nominated Danish crime TV series produced by Danmarks Radio. Each series follows the police investigation of one specific case, day by day, with a one-hour episode covering 24 hours of the investigation.

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Region 2, PAL
20 Episodes

Detective Inspector Sarah Lund is looking forward to her last day with the Copenhagen Police department. She is supposed to move to Sweden with her fiancé and transfer to the Swedish Police, but everything changes when a 19-year-old woman, Nanna Birk Larsen, is found raped and brutally murdered. Along with Detective Inspector Jan Meyer, Sarah is forced to head the investigation, as it soon becomes clear that she and Meyer are chasing a very intelligent and dangerous murderer.

Local politician Troels Hartmann is in the middle of a hard election campaign to become the new mayor of Copenhagen when suddenly, evidence links him to the murder. At the same time, the girl's family and friends struggle to cope with their loss.

Over a span of twenty days, suspect upon suspect is sought out as violence and political pressures cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.

Region 2, PAL
10 Episodes

Ten days after a female lawyer has been found murdered, the head of the homicide department in Copenhagen, Lennart Brix, realises that his group is faced with a case much more complicated than it seemed at first. So, desperate for a breakthrough, he contacts former DI Sarah Lund and asks her to have a look at the case, a decision that isn't popular with everybody. She, who was demoted after the Nanna Birk Larsen case in the first series and currently works as a passport controller in Gedser in southern Denmark, isn't interested at first, but once she starts looking into the case she becomes just as engrossed as in the last case.

It turns out that the lawyer had learned about a killing of civilians in Afghanistan, involving Danish soldiers, and someone killed her to stop her revealing something that mustn't be revealed. The tracks soon lead Lund into the corridors of power, and the truth turns out to be much more macabre than anyone could imagine.

Region 2, PAL
10 Episodes

Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) returns in the long-awaited third and final series of The Killing (Forbrydelsen) Trilogy. The financial crisis is raging and the number of bankruptcies and repossessions is on the rise, but Detective Inspector Sarah Lund has a newfound sense of peace in the form of a new job, a new home and the recognition of achieving 25 years of service in the Police Force.

What appears to be a random murder at a scrapyard in the Copenhagen docks begins to interfere with Lund's plans for a quieter life and draws attention towards the shipping and oil giant Zeeland, run by billionaire Robert Zeuthen, who is the third generation head of the family to run this business empire. He is already troubled by his recent divorce and internal struggles within the company.

Meanwhile Sarah Lund is disturbed by an old flame, Mathias Borch, from the National Intelligence Service (PET) who fears that the killing in the docks is the beginning of an assassination attempt upon the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Kamper is himself in the middle of a turbulent election due to the pressures of the financial crisis and is looking for backing from the commercial sector, including Zeeland. Rumours arise that Zeeland is threatening to move the company and its production aboard--a potential disaster for the local economy.

Both Lund and the investigation quickly become embroiled in the politics of the financial crisis and all too late she begins to piece together the perpetrator's plan and the sort of debt he is seeking to reclaim; a moral debt which costs lives and involves the taking of a particularly chosen hostage.

Destinies cross over all sections of Danish society as the hunt for the perpetrator intensifies towards a dark secret which eventually puts everything at stake for both the Prime Minister, Robert Zeuthen and Sarah Lund.

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