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Johan Falk
(Crime Thriller)
Sebastian Bergman
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Jägarna 1 & 2
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Innocently Convicted
 (Oskyldigt dömd)
Anno 1790

Kennedy's Brain
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Enemy's Enemy
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Political Drama
Those in Power
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Johan Falk

Set in Gothenburg Sweden

Jakob Eklund stars as Johan Falk, a young, ambitious detective in the Metropolitan homicide division of the Gothenburg police department. Stumbling across a Christmas Eve jewel heist, Falk thwarts the robbery but in the process finds himself in a series of ever-escalating adventures; fighting false accusations of vigilantism, battling organized crime in the Baltics and defending the EU from terrorist threats. John Falk is the ultimate modern crime thriller complete with kidnappings, bombings, backroom deals, secret identities and global conspiracies.

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1. Zero Tolerance
(Noll Tolerans)

When tough Gothenburg cop Johan Falk stumbles across a jewelry store robbery in progress, he springs into action - but a civilian is killed, and the gunman escapes. Three bystanders identify the killer as the notorious criminal Leo Gaut, a slick underworld professional who knows how to pull strings and intimidate witnesses. Gaut re-appears days later in a hospital with serious injuries. Falk is accused of vigilantism - the victim of a diabolical staged event. To save himself and the surviving witnesses, he must track down the perpetrators before it’s too late.1999. In Swedish with English subtitles. 

Episode 2  Executive Protection

A new kind of criminality has hit Western Europe. The business concept is violent company takeovers and kidnappings. The only protection against these ruthless criminals may be a security company. Steadily these companies are becoming more and more important in the fight against crime. As long as you pay, and it’s expensive, the bodyguards will do anything you ask them to. They have become the samurais of modern society. But what happens when one of them goes rogue? Swedish businessman Sven Persson discovers that there’s little difference between “executive protection” and the gangsters who targeted him in the first place. When his wife is kidnapped and his family threatened, he turns to his old friend Johan Falk for help. 2001. In Swedish with English subtitles.

Episode 3  The Third Wave
(Den Tredje Vågen)

The Third Wave: politicians, bureaucrats, criminals. They have eroded our society from the inside with their profitable “businesses”: drugs, prostitution, money-laundering. Who will stand up for justice? When his mentor, the newly-appointed Europol chief, is gunned down in the Hague, ex-policeman Johan Falk takes on a personal mission to track down the killers. A dangerous chase across Europe begins, one that will shake the foundations of the EU to its very core. Can one man save an entire continent? 2003. In Swedish with English subtitles.


In Swedish with English Subtitles. After five years of working for Europol in The Hague, Johan Falk (Jakob Eklund) returns home to Gothenburg to join the special operations group GSI, an elite unit within the Swedish police whose sole objective is to combat organized crime. Falk becomes the handler for a deep cover informant named Frank Wagner (Joel Kinnaman, The Killing) and together they battle criminal gangs, arms dealers, drug smugglers and prostitution rings in Scandinavia and beyond. Falk also faces problems on the homefront, with his longtime girlfriend and their young family, and with his superiors at work, who don t take kindly to his blunt tactics and pigheaded stubbornness. But Falk gets results, and in the end that's what matters.

Johan Falk: Season One includes Episodes 1-6:

Special Operations Group
(Gruppen För Särskilda Insatser)

Brothers In Arms

National Target
(National Target)

Leo Gaut
(Leo Gaut)

Operation Nightingale
(Operation Näktergal)

The Outlawed
(De Fredlösa)

Other Episodes

Game Rules (2012)
(Spelets Regler)

The 107 Patriots (2012)
(De 107 Patrioterna)

All RANS Mother (2012)
(Alla Råns Moder)

Organizatsija Karayan (2012)
(Organizatsija Karayan)

Barninfiltratören (2012)

Codename Lisa (2012)
(Kodnamn Lisa)

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