Henning Mankell - Contemporary Mysteries with Non-Italian Settings

Contemporary Mysteries
Non-Italian Settings

Henning Mankell


Inspector Kurt Wallander Mystery Series

Faceless Killers (©1991)

The Dogs of Riga (©1992)

The White Lioness (©1993)

The Man Who Smiled (©1994)

Sidetracked (©1995)

The Fifth Woman (©1996)

One Step Behind (©1997)

Firewall (©2002)

The Pyramid (©2008)

A Linda Wallander Mystery

Before The Frost (©2002)

A non-series Mystery

The Return of the Dancing Master (©1998)

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Contemporary Mysteries
Non-Italian Settings


Sweden, Ystad
 Henning Mankell
Sweden, Goteborg
 Helene Tursten
Spain, Portugal, Africa
 Robert Wilson
Spain, Barcelona
 Alicia Giménez-Bartett
France, Marseilles
 Jean-Claude Izzo
France, Paris
 Cara Black
Turkey, Istanbul
 Barbara Nadel