Robert Wilson - Contemporary Mysteries with Non-Italian Settings

Contemporary Mysteries
Non-Italian Settings

Robert Wilson


The Javier Falcon Mystery Series

The Blind Man of Seville (©2003)

The Vanished Hands (©2005)

The Hidden Assassin (©2006)


A Ze Coehlo Mystery

A Small Death in Lisbon (©2000)

A World War II Mystery

The Company of Strangers (©2001)

West Africa

The Bruce Medway Mystery Series

The Big Killing (©1996)

Instruments of Darkness (©1996)

Blood Is Dirt (©1997)

A Darkening Stain (©1998)

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Contemporary Mysteries
Non-Italian Settings


Sweden, Ystad
 Henning Mankell
Sweden, Goteborg
 Helene Tursten
Spain, Portugal, Africa
 Robert Wilson
Spain, Barcelona
 Alicia Giménez-Bartett
France, Marseilles
 Jean-Claude Izzo
France, Paris
 Cara Black
Turkey, Istanbul
 Barbara Nadel