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The Marshal at the Villa Torrini

by Magdalen Nabb

Marshal Guarnaccia #9


Set in Florence, Italy

© 1993 Soho Crime (U.S.)

Up at the Villa Torrini, a well-known writer lies dead without a mark on her body. Down in the city of Florence, Marshal Guarnaccia struggles in vain with a tough new legal system and the hunger pangs of a strict diet.
The case calls for clear thinking, but the Marshal is befuddled by lack of food and humiliated by the sarcasm of the most notorious prosecutor in town. Out of his depth with the literati, but hounding his suspect nonetheless, help comes from a repressed forty-year-old memory of a ragged child in the schoolroom: Vittorio, son of the village prostitute, whose long-ago sufferings finally provide the Marshal with a solution to the sinister mystery at the heart of the Villa Torrini.
(Soho Crime)

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