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The Innocent

by Magdalen Nabb

Marshal Guarnaccia #13


Set in Florence, Italy

© 2005 Soho Crime (U.S.), Arrow (U.K.)

The body of a woman has been found half-submerged in an ornamental fish pond high up in Florence’s Boboli Gardens. At first, the corpse cannot be identified, rendered unrecognizable by feeding fish, but the Marshal traces other clues to find answers. The victim was a young Japanese woman apprenticed to one of Florence’s legendary custom shoemakers, crotchety old Peruzzi. Could he have killed his protégé? Or did jealousy drive his other apprentice to murder? The neighbors have seen Akiko with a lover — a brilliant young carabinieri — who has disappeared. Has he fled to avoid arrest? The marshal must travel to Rome to complete his investigation.
(Soho Crime)

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