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Some Bitter Taste

by Magdalen Nabb

Marshal Guarnaccia #12


Set in Florence, Italy

© 2002 Soho Crime (U.S.), Arrow (U.K.)

When an elderly woman drops by the Florentine carabinieri to complain that someone broke in to her apartment while she was out, Marshal Guarnaccia listens patiently, offers advice, and vows to pay her a visit. But before he can keep his promise, Miss Hirsch is found dead, her throat cut. She wasn’t the only person to come to the Marshal for help in recent days. There’s also a young Albanian prostitute, who wants his help to stay out of prison, and a wealthy foreign robbery victim whose case the captain is quick to prioritize. The Marshal has his hands full, and his best efforts may not be enough to stop a murderer.g the heir to the elegant Villa L’Uliveto.
(Soho Crime)

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