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Book detail pages include jacket notes, picture of the cover, our rating, "set in" location, theme, author photo and bio. Unique Views by Theme and by Location.


Insightful reviews of some of the books we feature on our website.

We have devised a 5-level rating system for books set in Italy. See the criteria in the table below.

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This website's primary goal is to highlight mysteries and thrillers set in Italy. However, we do enjoy the works of some of the best international authors set in other countries. See our favorites!

Rating Books and Authors
Both books and authors are rated according to the flags system below. In any author
list, the higher rated authors will usually be grouped towards the top of the list.
5-flags: Top-notch. Captures the essence of the Italian personality and Italy's social and political culture. Well written. Interesting characters that are authentic Italians. A joy to read!
4-flags: Very good. Italian references are reasonable. A few English or American characters. Well written.
3-flags: Pretty good. Too many non-Italian characters, however interesting.
2-flags: Good. Not as well written and the Italian references are not authentic. Practically no Italian characters. Could have taken place anywhere.
1-flag: Really bad. Definitely not recommended.
Not rated yet.

How to Find Books You Want to Read

When you come across an interesting title, the challenge is how to get your hands on it. Of course, you may find it at your public library or from your friends' collection; or you can buy it new or used from a local book store.

We prefer to buy new or used books over the Internet. For new books, we use and have added convenient links to both the U.S. and U.K. Amazon sites for books in print. For used, out-of-print books, we strongly recommend website which gives you access to over 45 million books through thousands of booksellers world-wide. You should be able to purchase a used copy of any book featured on our website through abebooks. For out of print books, we provide convenient links to the abebooks search engine for the specific book on each book detail page.

Re: publication history--Some books have a single hardcover edition in a single country, and that's it. However, the more popular authors get published in hardcover, paperback, large print, audio book, and e-book editions in the U.S and the U.K. (and other countries)--and then after a few years, the paperback is usually re-released with yet a different publisher. Given that each edition has a different cover and jacket notes makes it nearly impossible to completely document the publication history of a given novel. At this time, we will not include information on specific publishers or ISBN numbers.


Our library has been collected over many years, driven by a love of Italy and the enjoyment of a good mystery or thriller. The Internet has been essential in finding many of our books. Doing keyword searches at or was a good start at expanding our collection.