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Young Montalbano
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Il giovane Montalbano
Young Montalbano


Series Description Provided by RAI Trade

Salvo Montalbano has become one of us. We’ve been following his adventures for years, participating in his investigations as though we were part of the Vigàta police department. We think we know all about him, as if he were a member of our own family. But that’s not so. Montalbano has not always been in charge of the Vigàta police department. He hasn’t always lived in that splendid house on the Marinella seaside. He hasn’t always been Augello’s best friend. And, above all, he hasn’t always been Livia’s boyfriend. It’s rather odd to believe, since we think we know everything about him as if he were a member of the family. But, just like any member of the family, even Montalbano may have some interesting surprises in store for us.

Because the Montalbano we all know and love is just like anyone else – the result of a series of events that he experienced in the most delicate moment of his life, namely his youth. A time when you learn to be what you truly are, when you understand who you can trust or who you should have absolutely nothing to do with. A time when you learn to love and hate, when you understand people’s behaviour and (in the case of a policeman) when you begin to understand the mind of criminals.

This series, which has been set at the beginning of the Nineties, describes the way in which Montalbano’s world came into being what it is: from his first assignment up in the hills of Mascalippa and his transfer to Vigàta (where Montalbano had already lived for a while as a young boy). We will delve into the Police Commissioner’s difficult relationship with his father; we will learn about his early friendship with Augello; we will watch as he falls in love at first sight with Livia (which follows the long-distance liaison with Mery) and the blooming of their complicated relationship. In other words, we’ll understand how and why Montalbano has become this true-to-life figure that we all know and love.

But in this series Montalbano is not only a youngster who becomes a man, he’s also a Police Commissioner who immediately demonstrated his talent in solving the trickiest cases (based on the stories written by Camilleri), in which viewers will find the atmospheres and investigation procedures they are used to.

This picture of Montalbano’s world could not be lacking his trust-worthy Catarella, the kindly and uncouth police officer who always gets names wrong. His special relationship with the Police Commissioner is well-known and represents the backbone of Camilleri’s works. But why are Montalbano and Catarella so close? And why on earth does the Police Commissioner bear the switchboard-operator’s blunders with resignation? These and other questions will be answered by the six films, giving Italian viewers the chance to become “pirsonalmente di pirsona” (personally in person) acquainted with their much-loved Police Commissioner.
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Episodes 1-6

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Episodes 1-6


Episode 1
The Young Montalbano
The First Case #101

A promotion brings young Detective Salvo Montalbano from a small mountain village to the city of Vigata. In his new post he meets older agent Carmine Fazio and fellow Sicilian Agatino Catarella. Together they work a murder case and learn about a young woman's plan to get revenge for an atrocity committed years ago. 2012. In Italian with English subtitles.

Episode 2
The Young Montalbano
New Year's Eve #102

During a murder investigation, Detective Montalbano encounters feisty coroner Dr. Pasquano, with whom he struggles to get along. He also gets the opportunity to rent the seaside house of his dreams. His new housekeeper? Adelina, who happens to be the mother of a petty criminal he's put away. 2012. In Italian with English subtitles.

Episode 3
The Young Montalbano
Back to Basics #103

Detective Salvo Montalbano finds himself threatened by the arrival of new Deputy Detective Mimi Augello. They investigate a kidnapping case together while Montalbano secretly wonders whether his new colleague is friend or foe. Together they also meet a beautiful Genoese architect, Livia Burlando. 2012, color. In Italian with English subtitles.

Episode 4
The Young Montalbano
Mortally Wounded #104

Detective Salvo Montalbano investigates a case in which the murder victim turns out to have had a complicated and illegal private life. It's also clear to all who know the young detective that his relationship with the beautiful Livia is going well. Salvo's father even attempts to use her to approach his estranged son. 2012. In Italian with English subtitles.

Episode 5
The Young Montalbano
The Third Secret

Strange anonymous letters addressed to Montalbano keep arriving at the police station in connection with local workers' deaths. While the team attempts to unravel the puzzle, a new young cop, Giuseppe Fazio, joins them. He's the son of the recently-retired Carmine, and ready to follow his new leader despite their initial clashes.

Episode 6
The Young Montalbano
Seven Mondays

Livia convinces Salvo to take a seven-day vacation with her in Provence. Just as they're about to depart, Vigata is shaken by a murder and the ritualistic killing of some animals, all occurring on the same day at dawn. Unwilling to give up her vacation, Livia leaves for the trip with someone else and Montalbano stays to work the case.