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Based on the novels by Gunnar Staalesen

In Norwegian with English Subtitles

Varg Veum is a private investigator whose uncompromising and unconventional methods frequently bring him into conflict with both sides of the law. A divorced ex-child welfare worker and idealist, Varg Veum is a true lone wolf, well-versed in life's darker side - a man who goes where the police won't, and who knows how to get results. Behind his rough exterior and sharp verbal wit hides a warm-hearted and sensitive person, with a strongly developed social conscience and an unflagging solidarity with the common people. This modern take on the classic noir genre depicts the monstrous underbelly of the pathological crime world with hard-boiled mystery, gripping intrigue and irresistible tension.

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Episode Descriptions

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Episodes 1-3

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1 Bitter Flowers
(Bitre blomster)

Karsten Aslaksen, chief engineer of a large chemical company, disappears without trace. His married lover, a successful Christian politician named Vibeke Farang, approaches private investigator Varg Veum to trace him. Discreetly. Varg finds Karsten dead in a cabin in the woods. The police arrest Vibeke’s husband for the murder, but Varg is convinced they have the wrong man. He starts to investigate Aslaksen and the chemical plant where he worked, and uncovers a deadly international conspiracy in which the principals will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

Episode 2 Sleepiong Beauty

After extricating 17-year-old Lisa Halle from a life of prostitution in Copenhagen, private investigator Varg Veum becomes ensnared in a tangle of parental neglect and bad love when he is hired to locate her boyfriend, Peter Werner. Varg finds him stabbed to death in a seedy hotel. As he strives to save Lisa from perdition and to find Peter’s killer, he is forced to confront the city’s most dangerous dope dealers.

Episode 3 Yours Until Death
(Din til doden)

Private eye Varg Veum is on a routine mission searching for his client Jonas Andresen’s stolen car. The car is found having been used in a brutal robbery and not long after that the client himself turns up dead. The cops’ prime suspect is the ex wife Wenche, but Varg believes the case to be more complex. When the perpetrators end up dead one after the other, Varg soon begins to fear for the life of the beautiful widow.

Episode 4 Fallen Angels
(Faine engier)

Jakob Aasen has hired his old friend private investigator Varg Veum to spy on his wife Rebecca, whom he suspects of infidelity. Against his better judgement Varg takes on the job, and in an ironic twist he and Rebecca rekindle their former love. Meanwhile a serial killer begins to target the members and families of Jakob’s band, and the second of his victims is Rebecca… In a race against time, Varg strives to halt the killer before he strikes again – and in the process he uncovers the dark secret behind the killings.

Episode 5 Woman in the Fridge
(Kvinnen i kjoleskapet)

An international oil drilling company hires private investigator Varg Veum to find their missing systems designer, Arne Samuelsen. Varg discovers the headless body of a woman jammed into the fridge in Arne’s apartment - and is promptly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up the body is missing. Varg has to clear his name and confront a ruthless extortionist in a maze of deception and sexual ambiguity.

Episode 6 Buried Dogs
(Begravde hunder)

Racial tension is running high in Bergen after a young black asylum seeker dies at the hands of the police. Shortly afterwards, a right-wing politician is targeted by a gunman at a public rally, and his wife is fatally wounded. The Party is about to hold a leadership election. One of the candidates, Marit Holm, comes to private investigator Varg Veum, insisting she is being stalked. Varg is drawn into a web of conspiracy and betrayal at the heart of the political establishment, in which spin doctors and political players will do anything to achieve their ends.

Episode 7  The Writing On The Wall
(Skriften på veggen)

Varg Veum has calmed down his life with his new girlfriend Karin, and started a new occupation as a teacher. But this is not to last, however. Varg is brutally confronted with his past when his bitter enemy 'The Knife' is released from jail, unshakably determined to get revenge on everyone who got him sentenced for killing a teenage girl. Soon Vang has got himself tangled up in a case where he is forced into a tough confrontation with his own conscience.

Episode 8  Black Sheep
(Svarte får)

On his return as the Bergen private detective in six new features, Trond Espen Seim promises his girlfriend that he will find her sister who has vanished.

Episode 9  The Consorts of Death
(Dødens drabanter)

Varg Veum is summoned by inspector Hamre to a hostage drama on a farm outside Bergen. A married couple have been brutally murdered, and all evidence points to their foster son, 16 year old Jan Egil.