Gold, Frankincense and Dust by Valerio Varesi
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Mystery Series
Set in Italy


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Set in Parma, Po Valley

Translation ©2013

Valerio Varesi has been the Parma correspondent for La Stampa and La Repubblica. River of Shadows is the first of a series of thrillers featuring Commissario Soneri, now the central figure of one of Italy's most popular television dramas. Joseph Farrell has translated several major Italian authors, including Dario Fo.

Valerio Varesi

A Commissario Soneri Investigation

(Translated from the Italian by Joseph Farrell)

Gold, Frankincense and Dust
(Oro, incenso e polvere)

Product Description: Parma. A multiple pile-up occurs on the autostrada into the city. A truck transporting cattle skids off the road. Dozens of cows and bulls go on the rampage, injured and crazed. In the chaos, the burned body of a young woman is found at the side of the road. Her death has no apparent link to the carnage.

Commissario Soneri is assigned the case. It is a welcome distraction: his mercurial lover Angela has decided to pursue other options, leaving him even more morose than usual.

The dead woman is identified as Nina Iliescu, a Romanian immigrant whose beauty had enchanted a string of wealthy lovers. Temptress, muse, angel - she was all things to all men. Her murder conceals a crime and a sacrilege, and even in death she has a surprise waiting for Soneri. 
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