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Ørnen - The Eagle
Rejseholdet - Unit One
   -The Protectors
Forbrydelsen-The Killing

Den som dræber
   -Those Who Kill

Broen - The Bridge
The Spider
 (1941 Copenhagen)
Anna Pihl
Lulu and the Bankrobber



Den som dræber - THOSE WHO KILL

Danish police drama, starring
Laura Sofia Bach, Jakob Cedergren and Lars Mikkelsen

In Danish with English Subtitles

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Region 2, PAL
In Danish with English Subtitles
Episodes 1-6

Episode Descriptions
Episode 1 - Corpse in the Woods

Danish police drama following a team that tracks down serial killers. The investigators have to hunt for a murderer after the remains of four young women are found buried in woodland north of Copenhagen.

Episode 2 - Utopia

Schaeffer takes on the case when members of a family are found murdered, but as the investigation proceeds, the killer brings terror to another household, and the team faces a race against time to prevent more deaths.

Episode 3 - Bad Blood

Jensen confronts an unhappy chapter from her past when a 17-year-old prisoner is raped and murdered, which is followed soon after by a similar killing.

Episode 4 - Eye for an Eye

Schaeffer makes a decision fraught with danger for himself, his family and colleagues when an undercover officer investigating a murder apparently connected to a war between drug gangs is also killed.

Episode 5 - Deadly Game

Jensen meets a man who seems the perfect partner - until she discovers he has a number of secrets. Meanwhile, a killer plays cat-and-mouse with the team.

Episode 6 - Shadow of the Past

Detective Katrine Ries Jensen and legal psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer form a special unit at the Copenhagen Police investigating serial killings. A case from Schaeffer's past crops up. As a young psychologist, he held back from sending a patient, who was manically drawing the details of a traffic accident, to a secure hospital. Now these bloody scenes resurface, enacted as real killings.