The Dolomite Solution by Trevor Scott
© 2002-2017
Mystery Series
Set in Italy


Donna Leon
Andrea Camilleri
Michael Dibdin
Timothy Williams
Magdalen Nabb
Grace Brophy
Massimo Carlotto
Gianrico Carofiglio
Carlo Lucarelli
Timothy Holme
Iain Pears
Edward Sklepowich
Marshall Browne
David Hewson
Simon Buck
Aaron Elkins

Set in the Dolomites
(Trento Alto Adige)

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TREVOR SCOTT is the author of the international thrillers, ‘Extreme Faction’ and Fatal Network’. He was a weapons expert working the flight deck of aircraft carriers in the Navy, and was a captain in the Air Force, where he was stationed in Germany for three years in a tactical missile unit. He holds a bachelor's in English from the University of Minnesota, and a master's in creative writing from Northern Michigan University. He currently resides in Oregon with his wife and two sons, and teaches writing online.

Trevor Scott

The Jake Adams Mystery Series

The Dolomite Solution

JACKET NOTES:  Murder, suspense, and intrigue propel this third Jake Adams mystery thriller from the Dolomite mountains of northern Italy, to the winding back streets Innsbruck, Austria, and across the Atlantic to Boston and Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay area. Two scientists have discovered the DNA link to heart disease in a remote Italian mountain village, and a way to synthesize it and begin selling it to the general public. They’re up for the Nobel Prize and set to make millions after teaming up with an Austrian biotechnology company. But there are factions who make a good living off the number one killer in America, and other companies that would like the solution for themselves. When someone kills one scientist and tries for the second, trying to steal this new cure, only one man can bring ‘The Dolomite Solution’ to the public...Jake Adams!
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The Jake Adams Mystery Series

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