The Beast of Barbaresco by Tony Aspler
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Mystery Series
Set in Italy


Donna Leon
Andrea Camilleri
Michael Dibdin
Timothy Williams
Magdalen Nabb
Grace Brophy
Massimo Carlotto
Gianrico Carofiglio
Carlo Lucarelli
Timothy Holme
Iain Pears
Edward Sklepowich
Marshall Browne
David Hewson
Simon Buck
Aaron Elkins

Set in Barbaresco

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TONY ASPLER, who resides in Toronto, is Canada's most widely read wine writer and has been active in international tasting circles since 1964. He received his wine educations in London at the Grants of St. James's Wine School. A wine columnist for the Toronto Star since 1981 and editor os 'Winetidings' magazine, he contributes to publications around the world, lectures extensively on wine both in North America and abroad and is a member of the Master of Wine's North American Advisory Board.

Tony Aslpler

The Ezra Brant Mystery Series
(A Wine Lover's Mystery)

The Beast of Barbaresco

JACKET NOTES:  For eminent wine writer Ezra Brant, the trip to the picturesque Piedmontese village of Barbaresco to help judge the annual wine competition was supposed to be a restful interlude - despite the talk of a serial killer the locals have dubbed 'The Beast of Barbaresco'.
But when fellow judge and wine writer Christopher Hollinger disappears after confiding that he was on the trail of the biggest story of his career, Ezra is left with a mysterious computer disc - and a strong feeling that his own life is now in serious danger.
His only hope of finding Hollinger and saving himself is to uncover Barbaresco's jealously guarded secrets - secrets that will eventually lead him to the very lair of the beast himself.
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The Ezra Brant Mystery Series

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