Roman Nights by Ron Burns
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy


Steven Saylor
Lindsey Davis
John Maddox Roberts
Marilyn Todd
Ron Burns
David Wishart
Jane Finnis
The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley

Historical Novels
Set in Ancient Rome

Robert Harris - Pompeii

Robert Harris - Imperium

Steven Saylor - Roma

Set in
Ancient Rome

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Ron Burns

The Gaius Livinius Severus Mystery Series

Roman Nights

JACKET NOTES:  Livinius Severus, minor nobleman, respected lawyer, and Stoic, has always tried to live a just and ordered life, in the spirit of the great philosopher-emperor, Marcus Aurelius. The emperor, however, is away at the northern front, dying, and Rome is slipping back into debauchery and intrigue.
The intrigue is only heightened when a beautiful, mysterious woman asks for Livinius’s help in a matter regarding her powerful husband. The following night, on the grounds of an estate after a raucous orgy, the woman is dead, and a Roman season of blood begins, as Stoic after Stoic suffers a gruesome death. the murders spell the end of Livinius’s quiet contemplation, as his life and the Rome he loves together spiral into chaos.
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