Our Agent In Rome Is Missing by Nick Carter
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Set in Italy


Edward S. Aarons
Jack Barnao
Nick Carter
James Halliday
James Rollins
Don Smith

Set in Rome

Nick Carter

The KILLMASTER Espionage Chillers

Our Agent in Rome Is Missing

JACKET NOTES:  I cursed as the two beefy thugs hauled my limp body to the two enormous roasting pits at the far corner of the room. As my head cleared, the smell of burning wood filled my nostrils. The thought of being roasted over a slow flame made my flesh crawl.
Quickly I was stripped and bound to the thick metal spit. I grimaced in pain as my captors slid the spit into its brackets and clamped it tight with a turnscrew.
"Who are you, and what is your mission in Rome?" the one called Pepe asked with an ugly smile.
I kept silent. Pepe nodded, and I was lowered closer to the blazing heat. I could feel blisters forming on my shoulders and legs.
To reveal my true identity meant instant death, anyway, so I just watched as Pepe tossed three fresh billets into the fire and the flames rose higher... and higher... and higher...
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