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Part 1: Killer Instinct
Part 2: Public Enemy Number 1

Both instalments of the acclaimed two-part biopic based on
the autobiography of notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrine.

In French with English Subtitles

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Part 1
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Region 1, NTSC
Region 1, NTSC
 In French with English Subtitles
 In French with English Subtitles

Film Description

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Parts 1 & 2
Region 2, PAL
 In French with English Subtitles

Born in 1936, Mesrine (Vincent Cassell) transformed himself from a middle-class Algerian War veteran to a career criminal of international notoriety, before eventually earning the dubious honour of being named Public Enemy Number One by the French government.

The story of France's infamous public enemy no. 1, Mesrine is a rollercoaster of bank heists, jail breaks and suave Gallic chicanery. Vincent Cassel stars as the notorious Jacques Mesrine, the rock 'n' roll bank robber who became a wanted man, famed for his daring escapades. From the director of Assault on Precinct 13... Jacques Mesrine, last of the great French gangsters, was declared Public Enemy Number One during his lifetime. He regularly finished atop the list of newsmakers in opinion polls. His spectacular death, shot full of holes by police at close range in the middle of Paris, put the crowning touch on his legend. Nearly thirty years after his demise in 1979, the myth of Jacques Mesrine is very much alive. Now, for the first time, this ambitious project brings his life to the big screen. At once a thriller and a biopic, the project is shot through with action and emotion, yet remains as faithful as possible to factual reality. Far from making a model or superhero out of Mesrine, the film portrays the character in all its complexity, including the darkest aspects. What will emerge is the story of the man behind the icon.