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Innocently Convicted
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The Millennium Trilogy
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Maria Wern
 (Anna Jansson)
Anno 1790

Political Drama
Those in Power
 (3-Part Mini Series)




Set on the Swedish Island Gotland

Based on the novels by Anna Jansson

After the death of her husband, Police inspector Maria Wern moves to the picturesque Swedish island Gotland with her two children to start over.

While struggling with raising two children as a single mother and still mourning her husband’s death, Maria manages to sustain her female perspective and approach to life in a harsh and male dominated environment . She constantly encounters rage, death and evil but she stays determined to endure what sometimes feels like an unwinnable battle.

The Maria Wern series consists of 7 feature-length episodes based on the novels by best-selling author Anna Jansson and starring acclaimed Swedish actress Eva Röse:

This series is currently be shown on MHz Networks Worldview's International Mystery program.

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The episode descriptions below were obtained by the SF International Website

Episode 1  The Speechless God

In the midst of the midsummer celebrations on the island of Gotland, a series of vicious murders take place with occult overtones.
A man is found strung up alongside slaughtered animals; another is found sacrificed in his car in the middle of a summer meadow. The holiday paradise is shattered and soon attention falls on an old murder case involving a long-deceased killer that someone is clearly mimicking...
And while the investigation leads them ever deeper into a maze of Aesir beliefs and the obsessions of a sick mind, Maria Wern and her colleagues find themselves in a race against time, as they try to catch the murderer before he strikes again …

Episode 2   All the Tranquil Dead

A lawyer on his way home through the sun-drenched Gotland countryside disappears without a trace.
An island mink farmer receives a death threat and a sadistic trap is set up on his premises. Two separate events that soon prove to be linked — and from the moment that the first dead body is discovered, it becomes clear that it is just the beginning of something much bigger.
Ignoring the protests of her colleagues, Maria Wern allows herself to become deeply involved, professionally as well as personally, in the investigation. But all is not as it seems, and soon Maria finds herself in greater danger than she realised...

Episode 3  Dreams from Snow

It’s Christmas on Gotland when the island is suddenly struck by an unspeakable tragedy — a high-school girl is found dead in the middle of a country road wearing a white Lucia gown.
What at first appears to be an incomprehensible suicide soon proves to be something far more sinister, when behind
the innocent facade it turns out that a group of girls at the local high school is harbouring dark secrets...
Together with her colleagues of the Gotland Police Department, Maria Wern digs ever deeper into the conflicts at the girl’s high school — and when the police discover veiled threats on the Internet, there is a growing fear that this girl’s death will not be the last.

Episode 4   May Death Sleep

Two women, seemingly unconnected to each other, die in apparent suicides.
But the strange circumstances cause Maria Wern and her colleagues at the Gotland Police
Department to dig deeper, and soon the questions multiply. Was someone stalking the women? Is there reason to believe that they were suffering from some kind of psychosis? And is there a common denominator after all...?
The investigation takes an unexpected turn when the police discover even more dead bodies — and soon Maria’s colleagues Ek and Erika are forced far further into the centre of events than they had counted on...

Episode 5  Black Butterfly

The charred body of a medium is found in the gutted remains of her office after a fire.
And it soon turns out that she was murdered —suffocated with a plastic bag and doused in
kerosene, the woman was left to die in the flames. When another two murders take place in the same manner, it becomes clear to the Gotland police that they have a serial killer on their hands - but without having the slightest idea what the victims had in common, or who the next one might be. Maria Wern is forced to lead an investigation where neither the motive nor the victims seem to be connected — at the same time that her colleague Arvidsson’s loyalty is forcibly put to the test..

Episode 6  Boy Missing

A ten-year-old boy disappears from a dinner in a little fishing village, while another vanishes from a refugee camp on the island.
These are but the first in series of frightening events to take place on the island of Gotland, where a string of brutal murders are committed in quick succession.
And what starts out as the search for a missing child, leads Maria Wern and her colleagues ever deeper into a nest of hidden agendas, personal betrayals — and links to international crime.
For hidden beneath this little fishing paradise, lie secrets that prove more dangerous than anyone could have imagined...

Episode 7  Not Even the Past

When Maria Wern of the Gotland Police Department receives anonymous death threats, she and her colleagues begin a frantic search to track down the source.
Following a violent assassination attempt, however, she is ordered off the island for her own protection. Together with a group of old girlfriends from school, she secretly heads off to the pristine nature reserve of Stora Karlsö Island.

But while Maria’s colleagues on Gotland do their best to find the culprit, it becomes increasingly clear that the murderer may have followed her out on her wilderness getaway. And instead of being safely hidden away, the seven women are hovering in mortal danger...

Episode 8  Sleepwalker

After intervening in a fistfight and getting herself beat up, Maria heads the investigation into a murder that occurred very close to the place where she was assaulted. When more bodies turn up, Maria and her team try to discover if the incidents could be related. They come up against extreme reluctance by potential witnesses to assist the police, and the team scrambles to find the killer before he strikes again.

Episode 9  Not Until The Giver Is Dead

Just as Medieval Week is about to begin in Visby, a 70-year-old woman is killed in a suspected arson. Then a series of murders occur, and the evidence leads Maria Wern and her colleagues to a small village where everyone knows everyone. The discovery of some documents in Latin, along with incomprehensible drawings, turns the investigators' suspicions towards the rituals of the upcoming Medieval celebrations