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Based on the novels by Georges Simenon

International film star Bruno Cremer brings the beloved Parisian Inspector Maigret to life in this definitive series of filmed adaptations of legendary writer Georges Simenon's bestselling crime novels. Sporting his pipe that seems a nod to Sherlock Holmes, the pragmatic, reserved and refined Maigret investigates murders in his singular unhurried manner and inevitably discovers the truth. To crack his cases he peels back the veneer of seemingly idyllic villages and neighborhoods, exposing the criminals who lurk in all levels of society. Against a backdrop of 1950s Paris and the surrounding French countryside, these original feature-length films pay homage to one of the most brilliant detective minds of the twentieth century. In French with English subtitles.

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Episode Descriptions


Episode 1  Maigret In Montmartre

A helpful Montmartre stripper tips off les flics that she's overheard some customers plotting a murder, but when everybody shrugs things off, she's the one who turns up dead. Another tough case for Bruno Cremer as Georges Simenon's Inspector Maigret, but then he finds out the stripper's off-the-clock actual boyfriend is-Who? In French with English subtitles, 1992.

Episode 2  Maigret and the Burglar's Wife

Tough luck for a hard-working burglar-instead of a safe, his breakin lands him next to a female corpse! Time for his ex-prostitute wife to call on her old arresting officer, Inspector Maigret. But when he arrives, where's the corpse? With Bruno Cremer as Georges Simenon's legendary sleuth. In French with English subtitles, 1991.

Episode 3  Maigret and the Flemish Shop

When a demanding single mom disappears after leaving her lover's shop on the Belgian border, Maigret is unofficially called in--by her lover's family. And they, of course, seem to be the top suspects in the case. In French with English subtitles, 1992,

Episode 4  Maigret and the Judge

On assignment in the provinces, Maigret acts on a tip to find a distinguished judge dragging a corpse out of his house, presumably to dump in the sea. Bad enough, but now he's also got a lead to decades-old previously undiscovered murder. In French with English subtitles, 1992.

Episode 5  The Headless Corpse

After a suspect shrugs off a lengthy interrogation, Maigret arrives at a three house crossroads in the country to solve the case of an anonymous corpse found in a car in the wrong garage-but then a late arrival is shot right in front of his eyes! Directed by Alain Tasma. 1992, color. In French with English subtitles. In French with English subtitles, 1992.

Episode 6  Maigret at the Crossroads

After a suspect shrugs off a lengthy interrogation, Maigret arrives at a three-house crossroads in the country to solve the case of an anonymous corpse found in a car in the wrong garage. But then a late arrival is shot right in front of his eyes!


An employee of the prestigious Hotel Majestic finds a corpse in the staff locker room. In the course of his investigation, Inspector Maigret comes across a letter that reveals a possible connection between the victim and the hotel s coffee maker. It s up to Maigret to discover the criminal lurking within the walls of elegance.


Inspector Maigret is accused of taking advantage of the teenage daughter of a prominent public official by getting her drunk in a bar. Ordered to keep his hands off the case, he s told his resignation will be accepted if offered. At which point the real investigation begins.


Is the wheelchair-bound Palmari, a veteran criminal, the mastermind behind the latest string of jewel robberies? When he turns up dead and his mistress has an iron-clad alibi, Inspector Maigret must begin interrogating all residents of his apartment building and the restaurant he owned.


It should be easy enough to identify a man murdered just off a busy Parisian boulevard at the height of the evening rush hour. However, at the morgue his bereaved wife recognizes his body but not his shoes! And that s just the beginning of the surprises for Inspector Maigret.


Though a drunken bargeman hears gun shots from a riverside house, none of the seven people inside the house corroborate his story. Then, one of the passengers turns up dead. Nobody's willing to talk to Inspector Maigret, who is left to navigate this particularly difficult case alone.


After a hard-luck colleague is shot while on a private visit to Finland, Inspector Maigret sets out to unravel multiple mysteries on foreign soil, aided by a bilingual Finnish cop. Is there a connection between a missing mistress, an art collector with nocturnal visitors and the slain police officer?

Episode 13: Maigret and the No. 1 Lock

Maigret must find the connection between the mugging of a rich businessman, the death of a young man and the murder of a local workman. The key may lie with simple-minded Aline, but unlocking the mystery may not be so simple.

Episode 14: Maigret and the Spinster

Every day, Cecile comes to Inspector Maigret’s office, vainly trying to convince him that a stranger has been sneaking into the home she shares with her aunt. When both Cecile and the aunt end up dead, it’s a guilt-ridden Maigret who pursues the killer.

Episode 15: Maigret’s War of Nerves

Inspector Maigret is determined to prove the innocence of a man sentenced to death for the murders of an American woman and her maid. The stakes are high as Maigret tries to find the real killer.

Episode 16: Maigret’s Mistake

On the third floor of a respectable building on Avenue Carnot, a prostitute kept in luxury is found murdered. Inspector Maigret is intrigued by Professor Gouin, an indifferent character who lives on the floor above and who seems to attract a large number of women.

Episode 17: Maigret and the Old Lady

The inexplicable murder of the wealthy Valentine Besson’s maid leads the older woman to believe that she herself was the intended target. Inspector Maigret undertakes the investigation, meeting Mrs. Besson’s dysfunctional family and a cavalcade of suspects.

Episode 18: Maigret and the Candle Auction

What began as a short trip to question an innkeeper in the Vendee turns into days as Inspector Maigret gets confined to the inn with the flu. Then, a guest is found murdered. The police cordon off the inn and begin a careful reconstruction of events, while Maigret conducts his own investigation.

Episode19: No Vacation for Maigret

Inspector Maigret and his wife’s Belgian vacation is cut short when Mrs. Maigret gets appendicitis. Returning from her bedside, Maigret discovers a note in his pocket about his wife’s hospital roomate; the sister-in-law of the surgeon who operated on Mrs. Maigret. Murder is in the air, and Maigret begins an unauthorized investigation.

Episode 20: Maigret is Afraid

Returning from a criminology conference, Inspector Maigret stops off to visit his old friend Chabot, a judge in a small provincial town which has been rocked by a pair of murders. A third murder soon follows, and Maigret’s planned R&R turns into his usual meticulous investigation.

Episode 21: Maigret Goes Home

from the novel by Georges Simenon. What begins as a routine trip to his hometown of Saint-Fiacre turns into work, as Inspector Maigret arrives just in time to witness a murder. Childhood memories return to haunt him as his investigation begins. Can he perform with his customary excellence in the place of his humble beginnings?

Episode 22: Maigret and the Death of a Harbor Master

A man is found wandering the streets of Paris, mute and amnesiac. Under the old wig that overhangs his blank stare, the police discover a shaven head, and a gunshot wound that has been meticulously stitched. Inspector Maigret is on the case.

Episode 23: Maigret in Finland

Why would Professor Jean Duclos, a criminologist and lecturer of international renown, murder somebody? Ari, a young Finnish policeman, turns to his old friend and mentor Inspector Maigret for help in cracking the difficult case. Maigret has a couple of ideas Ari hasn’t thought of.

Episode 24: Maigret Sets a Trap

All of Paris is afraid. Five murders have been committed at night in the same neighborhood. There were no witnesses to the crimes, nor any links between the victims. Only one thing is certain: the murderer is a psychopath who will continue to kill until he is stopped.


Early one morning, a 12-year-old choirboy witnesses a murder and then flees the scene. The police can t find any evidence and only Inspector Maigret takes the boy seriously. But why do parts of his story not check out?


In his investigation into the fatal stabbing of a hard-drinking Australian man, Maigret meets two women who were central in the dead man s life: his mistress and her mother. Once he starts nosing around the man s favorite watering hole, The Liberty Bar, he starts to uncover the secrets behind the crime.


On vacation in the south of France, Maigret is faced with the sudden appearance of a dead body and the disappearance of a wealthy art dealer. Who is Mr. Owen, and why are so many of the hotel guests behaving so strangely?


Maigret travels to Belgium for an off-the-record investigation he s doing as a favor, and keeps running across an ex-police investigator. Are all the chance meetings with this other investigator really coincidences? And why is he getting so little cooperation from the locals?


Assuming the identity of a salesman, Maigret goes undercover and gets a room in a boarding house so he can observe a woman who s living there with her children. She s a pharmacist s wife on the run, who claims her missing husband is a killer.


The body of a homeless man is discovered in a garden owned by two sisters who ve been locked in a bitter dispute since 1924. Maigret thinks they have the key to solving the mystery, but getting past their animosity will be the first challenge.

Episode 31 - First Class Murder

Episode 32 - Maigret Sees Double

Episode 33 - Maigret and the Rich

Episode 34 - Maigret and the Fortune Hunter

Episode 35 - My Friend Maigre

Episode 36 - Maigret and the Open Window
Episode 37: Maigret and the Wine Merchant

Maigret investigates the murder of a successful wine merchant – a man who routinely humiliated his employees and slept with their wives. As he gathers evidence, Maigret wonders if there was anyone who didn’t want to kill the man?

Episode 38: Maigret and the Minister

A state sanitorium collapses, killing 128 children. When the construction of the building was being planned, an eminent public works specialist predicted the catastrophe. After the tragedy, the search is on for his report, but where is it?

Episode 39: Maigret and the Madman of Saint Clothilde

Maigret follows a man who jumps off a train, only to end up in the hospital with a sprained ankle. The next day he discovers that a madman has been plaguing the town. Was that the person he saw jumping off the train?

Episode 40: Maigret Goes to School

A schoolteacher feels like an outsider in his community, so he’s the main suspect when the town’s former post-mistress gets shot in her own home. Maigret takes on the case only after the teacher’s son appeals to him directly in a letter.

Episode 41: Felicie’s House

A dead body at a new housing estate seems like it would be routine for Maigret, except that the victim’s flaky young housekeeper seems to have a genius for getting his goat. She also refuses to lift a finger to help with the investigation.

Episode 42: Maigret and the Princess

An eminent man whose long-time love had just become free turns up dead, with no motives, no enemies, and no forced entry. To investigate, Inspector Maigret must make an excursion into the rarified world of the aristocracy.

Episode 43: To Any Lengths

A note left in a café warns of the coming death of a fortune-teller. Despite precautions, the murder happens. In July's heat, with the Tour de France reaching its climax, Maigret gets caught up in an investigation where nothing makes sense.

Episode 44: Maigret’s Failure

A powerful businessman complains of having received menacing letters and asks Maigret for protection. Maigret knew him when he was a boy and finds him just as unpleasant as he remembered. Reluctantly, he takes on the case.

Episode 45: Maigret’s Boyhood Friend

Maigret's long-lost school chum bumps into him in the street and asks for help. His mistress has just been murdered in her own apartment. The man was there at the time and claims he saw nothing, even though he was hiding in the closet!

Episode 46: Maigret Has Scruples

A mild-mannered man visits Maigret, accusing his wife of wanting to poison him. Maigret then gets a visit from the man’s wife, who accuses him of being neurotic. Is Maigret watching a domestic spat unfold, or is it a murder in the making?

Episode 47: Little Pigs Without a Tail

When the husband of a young woman goes missing, she enlists the services of Maigret. The investigation turns into a game between him and the woman as to who will find the first clue, and who will inform the other about what.

Episode 48: Maigret and the Tramp

Two bargemen pull a gravely wounded vagrant out of the Seine River. One of the men states that he noticed a red Peugeot on the quay shortly before the accident. Maigret tracks down the car only to find that the two occupants are innocent.

Episode 49: A Shadow in the Courtyard

When the wealthy owner of a pharmaceutical company is shot and killed at his desk with a plundered safe behind him, Maigret wonders if it was just a robbery gone wrong. Whatever it was, he’s convinced the answer lies down the block, where the victim’s ex-wife and her husband, his girlfriend and his wastrel son all live.

Episode 50: Maigret at the Doctor’s

Dr. Baron is a respectable physician, married with two children. When his servant girl from Brittany dies of poisoning, her parents file a complaint with the police. Maigret travels to the doctor’s home in Neuilly and investigates allegations of foul play associated with another servant; he also learns that a vagrant visited the house weekly.

Episode 51: Maigret Rents a Room

Maigret rents a room in a boardinghouse to investigate where one of his detectives was shot during a stakeout. His investigation leads him to take a special interest in a lonely, crippled woman who lives across the street. As he learns about her situation, it begins to seem as if she and everyone he talks to has something to hide.

Episode 52: The Lady’s Companion

A young woman tries to convince Maigret that the death of the cultured woman she worked for was actually a homicide. She accuses the victim’s family, but the local judge defends the family on the basis of their high social standing and tells Maigret that her allegations are preposterous and should be disregarded.

Episode 53: Seven Little Crosses

Mid-August in Paris, and Maigret is due to leave on vacation. His travel plans get interrupted when a 60-year-old woman is killed in her own apartment. The police suspect it may be the latest murder commited by a serial killer. The same night, anonymous calls for police assistance come in from all over Paris, as if someone’s trying to send a cryptic message.

Episode 54: Maigret at the Étoile du Nord

Maigret’s about to get out of town when he picks up the phone to hear of a man stabbed to death at the hotel Étoile du Nord. At the hotel he meets a disheveled young prostitute who claims she knew the victim as a client. She trashes Maigret’s office and lies about her age and her address, but Maigret isn’t buying any of it.