The Last Confession by Morris West

Set in 16th Century Rome

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Morris West

The Last Confession

JACKET NOTES:  West’s last novel (he died at his desk, at its completion) is a strong story of the philosopher and heretic Giordano Bruno, who was burnt by the Inquisition for his heresy. A major release!

From the Foreword by Thomas Keneally:
"Bruno was that perilous thing, a free spirit, and suffered death for his right to certain concepts. I knew from conversations with Morris that Giordano Bruno was a soul mate, someone with whose life history Morris’ identified, even though Morris possessed a somewhat less strident temperament than Bruno’s. "Failed priest," as Morris has Bruno declare in this tale, "fugitive monk, magus with a box of conjuring tricks, boaster, prevaricator, would-be torchbearer trudging through his own darkness, garrulous in dialogue, viperous in debate."
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