Scorpion Rising by Marilyn Todd
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy


Steven Saylor
Lindsey Davis
John Maddox Roberts
Marilyn Todd
Ron Burns
David Wishart
Jane Finnis
The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley

Historical Novels
Set in Ancient Rome

Robert Harris - Pompeii

Robert Harris - Imperium

Steven Saylor - Roma

Marilyn Todd

The Claudia Seferius Mystery Series

Scorpion Rising

Synopsis: Blackmailed into investigating the murder of a child in south-west Gaul, Claudia is plunged into a bizarre world of nature priestesses, known as the Hundred Handed, who talk with their hands, believe dwarfs possess healing powers, and keep men as sex slaves. But as sinister as this is, an even darker force is at work. A master of disguise, the Scorpion is as cunning as he is ruthless. No one betrays this man and lives. Too late, Claudia discovers it was the Scorpion who lured her to Gaul in the first place...
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Set in
Ancient Rome