Sour Grapes by Marilyn Todd
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy


Steven Saylor
Lindsey Davis
John Maddox Roberts
Marilyn Todd
Ron Burns
David Wishart
Jane Finnis
The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley

Historical Novels
Set in Ancient Rome

Robert Harris - Pompeii

Robert Harris - Imperium

Steven Saylor - Roma

Marilyn Todd

The Claudia Seferius Mystery Series

Sour Grapes

Synopsis: The latest adventure for the glamorous Roman sleuth Claudia. Visiting her stepmother at the family estate in Tuscany, Claudia is concerned at the gaggle of hangers-on surrounding the old lady. There's the sorceress Candace and the handsome horse trader Darius, both of whom seem to hold Larentia equally in their thrall. And what of the series of recent local murders, and the mishaps - including soured wine - that have befallen a number of people? Amidst the mysteries of the local religion, could the god Fufluns be working some plan; or even Veive, the god of revenge? Or are there even more sinister forces at work?

Set in
Ancient Rome