I, Claudia by Marilyn Todd
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Set in Italy


Steven Saylor
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Marilyn Todd
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The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley

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Set in
Ancient Rome

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Marilyn Todd

The Claudia Seferius Mystery Series

I, Claudia

JACKET NOTES:  The ex-prostitute Claudia has inveigled her way into marriage with a wealthy wine merchant. When she runs up gambling debts, she starts offering "personal services" to high-ranking Romans. One by one, however, her clients become the victims of a serial killer, who Claudia must track down.
Claudia Seferius has successfully inveigled her way into marriage with a wealthy Roman wine merchant. But when her secret gambling debts spiral, she hits on another resourceful way to a make money--offering her ‘personal services’ to high-ranking Citizens.
Unfortunately her clients are now turning u dead--the victims of a sadistic serial killer...
When Marcus Cornelius Orbilio, the handsome investigating officer, starts digging deep for clues, Claudia realized she must track down the murderer herself--before her husband discovers what she’s been up to.
And before another man meets his grisly end...
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