MHz International Mystery

MHz Worldview will be broadcasting their great International Mystery program on a daily schedule starting January 1, 2012 at 9 PM and 12 Midnight, Eastern/Pacific Time. For U.S. Residents, the MHz Worldview channel is available in the the following locations described at this link. (e.g. in the San Francisco area MHz International Mystery is on Digital Channel 60.1 and on Comcast Channel 17)

Or, you can watch the MHz Live Stream

September 14-20, 2014
September 14
The Young Montalbano – The Mortally Wounded

Detective Salvo Montalbano investigates a case in which the murder victim turns out to have had a complicated and illegal private life. It's also clear to all who know the young detective that his relationship with the beautiful Livia is going well. Salvo's father even attempts to use her to approach his estranged son. 2012 In Italian with English subtitles.

September 15

Don Matteo – I'll Save You

A young female entrepreneur from Umbria is abducted. A child from the children’s home is found dying at the bottom of a well. Could there be a connection between the two events? The officers investigate while Cecchini and Amanda try to organize a trip to Moscow to celebrate Tommasi’s birthday. 2008. In Italian with English subtitles.

Don Matteo – A Valentine for Natalina

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and a young journalist is found dead. The primary suspect is a man who was seen fighting with him inside a speed-dating club. While the murder is being investigated, Natalina finds a love letter and is convinced it’s Captain Tommasi s way of making a declaration… for her! 2008. In Italian with English subtitles.

September 16

Crime Stories - The Hedgehog

A Lebanese man with a lengthy criminal record is accused of armed robbery, and identified without doubt by the burglarized jeweler in a police line-up. At the trial, everyone expects the man to be sent to jail – until the youngest brother of the defendant is called to the witness stand. He is the only one of the family’s nine brothers with no criminal record, which is why no one doubts his statement. But then events take a surprising turn... 2013. In German with English subtitles.

Antigone 34 – Episode 4

A body is discovered in the freezer of a fish warehouse after an attempted robbery. The victim, a ship captain, was murdered prior to the break-in and the police must investigate potential suspects, ranging from eco-activists to jealous cuckolds. Meanwhile, a delirious woman turns up at the gypsy camp and insists on finding her missing baby. 2012. In French with English subtitles.

September 17

Dolmen – Episode 4

More mysterious deaths keep happening on Ty Kern, and the large menhirs keep shedding blood. Marie stumbles upon a young couple who come from the two feuding families on the island. She also continues her investigation despite resistance from the islanders, and begins to talk to people with specific memories of the night of the tragic shipwreck in 1968. 2005. In French with English subtitles.

September 18

Van Veeteren - The Swallow, The Cat, The Rose and Death

Munster comes across the body of a young woman in her home and surprises the murderer who is still on the premises. Though the murderer escapes, a rare book is found at the scene with a dedication by the killer. 2006. In Swedish with English subtitles.

September 19

The Inspector and the Sea - Summertime

After an explosion, a body is found in a quarry. What at first looks like an accident turns out to be cold-blooded murder. But who was interested in the death of explosives master Morgan Larsson? Inspector Anders finds the key to the case lies in the victim’s past. With Shanti Roney. 2008. In German with English subtitles.

September 20
Private Eye Vares – The Path of the Righteous Man

Investigating a murder in a small, secluded village, Vares discovers a town in the grip of a powerful religious sect. Drugged and locked away in the local psychiatric clinic, Vares manages to escape and must now bring down a ring involved in extortion, religious scams and much more. 2012.In Finnish with English subtitles.