MHz International Mystery

MHz Worldview will be broadcasting their great International Mystery program on a daily schedule starting January 1, 2012 at 9 PM and 12 Midnight, Eastern/Pacific Time. For U.S. Residents, the MHz Worldview channel is available in the the following locations described at this link. (e.g. in the San Francisco area MHz International Mystery is on Digital Channel 60.1 and on Comcast Channel 17)

Or, you can watch the MHz Live Stream

July 20-26, 2014
July 20
Johan Falk – The Outlawed

SEASON FINALE!  When a prosecutor pursuing the most dangerous motorcycle gang in the country is killed in a bombing, the police high command orders GSI to use every means to combat them. But Johan Falk discovers the police themselves may be implicated. 2009. In Swedish with English subtitles.

July 21

Don Matteo – Good Boys

PREMIERE!   During a university party, a girl flies from a window risking death. Cecchini’s daughter Patrizia is also at the party and seems to be involved in the accident. Meanwhile, Pippo unexpectedly receives an inheritance and a noble title. 2008. In Italian with English subtitles.

Don Matteo –

SEASON FINALE!  Giorgio, a promising screenwriter, is found dead and is thought to have committed suicide. The boy’s father blames Don Matteo, saying he made the boy distance himself from his family. Captain Tommasi must juggle both his mother and Amanda, who have come to Gubbio for the police awards ceremony. NOTE: THIS EPISODE IS 75 MINUTES IN LENGTH. 2008. In Italian with English subtitles.

A Test for Don Matteo
July 22

Nicolas Le Floch – The Man With The Lead Stomach

Brilliant young Parisian police commissioner Nicolas Le Floch works under Monsieur de Sartine, the Royal Lieutenant General of Police. Louis XV's kingdom is plagued by conspiracies and murders. With the help of his faithful subordinate Bourdeau, Nicolas solves mysterious disappearances and sorts out awkward scandals. From seedy taverns to the muffled hallways of Versailles, from brothels to the Châtelet prisons, he tracks and stakes out suspects, questions witnesses, gathers evidence, foils traps, and unveils plotters. In the series premiere, Nicolas investigates the mysterious death of Viscount Lionel de Ruissec. Was it suicide or murder? Nicolas discovers that the crime is linked to a plot against King Louis XV, and reigning favorite Madame de Pompadour. 2008. In French with English subtitles.

July 23

Nicolas Le Floch – The Blancs-Manteaux Enigma

Commissioner Lardin has apparently been murdered, and letters comprising the King have also been stolen. Who could have wanted him out of the way? Will Dr. Scemacgus, Nicolas' good friend, have to be brought in for questioning? 2008. In French with English subtitles.

July 24

Unit One - Episode 31

PREMIERE!   The unit is once again called together after a prostitute is found murdered. The case seems to involve the Danish minister of justice, as well as the biker scene. NOTE: THIS EPISODE IS 75 MINUTES IN LENGTH. 2003. In Danish with English subtitles.

Unit One - Episode 32

SERIES FINALE!  Things take a turn for the worse when both Johnny and Fischer find themselves in grave danger. Their cover has been blown and the bikers want them dead. NOTE: THIS EPISODE IS 75 MINUTES IN LENGTH. 2004. In Danish with English subtitles.

July 25

Cesare Mori, Part 2

Conclusion of the two-part miniseries about the real-life “Iron Prefect” who battled the Sicilian Mafia during the early decades of the 20th Century. Starring Vincent Perez. In Italian with English subtitles.

July 26
Maria Wern – Not Even the Past

When Maria receives anonymous death threats, she's ordered off the island for her own protection. While her colleagues on Gotland scramble to find the culprit, it becomes increasingly clear that the murderer may have followed Maria to Stora Karlsö Island, where she joined a group of high school friends. Instead of being safely hidden away, the seven women are hovering in mortal danger. 2012. In Swedish with English subtitles.