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Ørnen - The Eagle
Rejseholdet - Unit One
   -The Protectors
Forbrydelsen-The Killing

Den som dræber
   -Those Who Kill

Broen - The Bridge
The Spider
 (1941 Copenhagen)
Anna Pihl
Lulu and the Bankrobber



Lulu and the Bankrobber

Danish Crime Drama

In Danish with English Subtitles

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Region 4, PAL
In Danish with English Subtitles
Episodes 1-12

Lulu is a charming and independent mother of two with her own hairdressing salon in the suburbs. She lives with Leon, the charismatic father and habitual criminal, who she has been seeing for 10 years. But when Leon is thrown in jail Lulu is forced to deal with a world she knows to exist but has no experience with.

In order to make ends meet, andwhile also trying to help Leon get out of jail, Lulu is forced to interact with Leon’s criminal network. She comes face to face with a male dominated underworld full of gangsters, shady characters, Estonian hookers and of course, the charming but corrupt criminal detective Patrick Smith, whom Lulu soon develops feelings for. She starts off with an acute cash flow problem and is forced to pick up a little cash from Memeth, a used car salesman from the suburbs, and ends up as part of a huge plot to rob a money transport from the Federal Reserve carrying an unusually large amount of unmarked Euros.

Woven into this fascinating and elaborate plot are a series of easily identifiable stories. How will she find the money to pay her employees now that the police have frozen her assets? How will she ensure fixed boundaries for her 7-year-old son who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome in these turbulent times? How will she explain to her teenage daughter the pitfalls of dating a gangster, when she is dating a gangster herself?

On top of excitement and action Lulu finds herself in a situation where she has to choose between two men. On the one hand, there is Leon; the habitual criminal whom
she loves and who does so much for her and her children but at whose hand she also feels repeatedly betrayed. On the other, there is Patrick; the attractive policeman who seems to be able to give Lulu the comfort and stability she seeks but who also has deep cracks in his façade when closely scrutinized.