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New York mobster Frank Tagliano starts a new life in the sleepy Norwegian town of Lillehammer.

" A razor-sharp drama about cultural mores"


Shown on BBC Four, September-October, 2012

A Norwegian comedy-drama about a New York mobster, played by none other than Steven Van Zandt, aka Silvio from The Sopranos. He's Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano, who rats out his boss and is put into witness protection, where he makes an odd demand: he wants to be rehoused in the small, rural Norwegian town of Lillehammer, having seen it on TV when it was a venue for the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Once he arrives in Lillehammer - or "Lilyhammer", as he mis-pronounces it - Frank has to acclimatise to the Norwegian way of life, but is soon back to his old criminal ways.

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1 of 8

Drama series in which New York Mafia boss Frank Tagliano testifies against his associates and is relocated with a brand new identity to Lillehammer in Norway, where 'cultural differences' soon become apparent. His first attempts to settle in include bribing a government official, romancing a fellow newcomer and hunting a wolf which has been harrassing local wildlife.

Episode 2 of 8

Re-located ex-mobster Frank Tagliani is finding his bearings in the snowy small town environment of Lillehammer and is trying to get his nightclub up and running by recruiting suitable personnel with the help of his right-hand man Torgeir. When they are offered a large amount of contraband liquor, they soon find themselves up against a gang of smugglers who are keen to get their goods back.

Episode 3 of 8

Whilst collecting a debt owed at his club, Frank learns about a construction project of luxury condominiums in a local resort. Eager for a piece of the action, he offers to strong arm an environmental objector to 'persuade' him to co-operate. A routine inspection reveals that Frank is not properly licensed to drive in Norway, but rather than undertake the two-month instruction he decides to take a short cut.

Episode 4 of 8

Frank rather reluctantly agrees to accompany Sigrid when she attends her first antenatal examination at the hospital. However, his short fuse explodes when he discovers that the assigned midwife is a man. Geir is suspended from duty for his over-zealous tackling of a potential terrorist threat and his sympathetic boss treats him to an overseas trip to Memphis.

Episode 5 of 8

When delivering booze to parolee Thomas Aune, Frank is given the idea of investing in art as a means of laundering money and instructs Torgier to buy art of 'the kind that you can sell for more than it costs to buy'. Meanwhile, Geir 'Elvis' Tordt is conducting his own private investigations in New York.

Episode 6 of 8

Frank is settling in well in his fancy new penthouse apartment in Lillehammer, until it is brought to his attention that he has to fulfil certain communal obligations. A couple of his New York associates have trailed him to Norway and are keen to settle a few scores.

Episode 7 of 8

When Arne, Frank's doorman, is badly beaten in a case of mistaken identity, Frank realises that his past is about to catch up with him. However, his hunt for the perpetrators is hindered by the fact that he is obliged to look after 12-year-old Jonas whilst Sigrid goes on a two-day work seminar. Sheriff Laila Hovland is beginning to draw the loose ends of Frank's case together as Lillehammer celebrates National Day.

Episode 8 of 8

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