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Commissario Brunetti
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The Vanishing of Pató

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Borsellino-57 Days
Commissario Soneri
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Commissario De Luca
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Aurelio Zen
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Romanzo Criminale
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Capo dei Capi
La Piovra
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La Omicidi
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Un Caso di Coscienza
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Don Matteo
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Love It or Leave It

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In Italian with English Subtitles
(10 Seasons of Fighting the Mafia, mostly Set in Sicily)

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Episode Descriptions
The episode information below was obtained from the website of
RAI Trade, the distributor of world-wide licensing for the series

1984 (Six 60-minute Episodes)

Inspector Cattani is transferred to Sicily. A narcotics investigation involving the Mafia leads to the kidnapping of his twelve year old daughter Paola. To the contempt of his fellow officers, Cattani drops the charges against the prime suspect. His daughter is returned, but in a state of shock, having been raped. Cattani's revenge against the Mafiosi is ruthless.

Octopus 2
1985 (Six 60-minute Episodes)

Already forced to suspend his investigation of the Mafia by the kidnapping and rape of his daughter, Inspector Cattani is further stunned by the girls's death. Desperate for justice and revenge, he uncovers a multimillion dollar arms deal with the help of Olga Camastra, whose love for him convinces her to break the Mafia's code of silence. But the battle is not over yet.

Octopus 3
1987 (Seven 60-minute Episodes)

Devastated by the death of his wife and daughter, Cattani recovers his sanity with the help of Abbot Lovani. Resuming his crusade against the Mafia, he focuses on the Antinaris, a powerful banking family in Milan. A multi-million dollar arms deal is foiled, but Cattani, who has fallen in love with Giulia, the daughter of Carlo Antinari, pays dearly for this success.

Octopus 4
1988 (Six 100-minute Episodes)

While investigating the murder of a casino owner, Cattani comes into contact with Tano Cariddi, who plans to marry Ester Rasi, daughter of the incorruptible chairman of a major insurance company. Cattani urges Ester to break off the engagement, but when Cariddi drives Ester's father to commit suicide, she goes through with the wedding in order to get revenge.

Octopus 5
1990 (Five 100-minute Episodes)

Prosecutor Silvia Conti discovers that Linori, a Sicilian businessman with secret links to the Mafia, is one of those responsible for Cattani's murder. Davide Licata, sole survivor of a police team massacred fifteen years earlier on Linori's orders, is asked to infiltrate the businessman's clan. And so the lives of Silvia and Davide converge in Linori's Sicilian villa.

Octopus 6
1992 Six (100-minute Episodes)

After 6 seasons, 10 years and several changes in format, in Octopus 6 Inspector Licata is no longer a loner, but the leader of an anti-crime agency. And, for the first time, the action moves from Italy to Eastern Europe, where Licata investigates ties between Mafia clans and former KGB agents.

Octopus 7
1994 (Six 90-minute Episodes)

A petty criminal's extradition to Sicily reopens prosecutor Silvia Conti's investigation of the murder of her former colleague and lover, Cattani. Delving into the past, Conti uncovers the intricate web of power that binds the old Mafia to the new. The result is a violent chain of events that draws an entire city into the explosive final clash.

Octopus 8
1997 (Two 100-minute Episodes)

Through the adolescent eyes of Cariddi, who is growing up in the Sicily of the 1950s, we see the story of the Altamura family. When landowners believe they can control this new entrepreneurial Mafia, they forced to come to a very special agreement.

Octopus 9
1998 (Two 100-minute Episodes)

A woman investigates the shady dealings between her husband's bank and the Mafia. She has a series of secret liaisons with a police captain, once her lover, just to pass on the information, but the passions of their love affair soon flare up again. Barbara tries to escape from her husband but she is discovered and finds herself trapped in a web of murder, politics, dark conflict and struggles for power.

Octopus 10
2001 (Two 100-minute Episodes)

We return to find an aged and solitary Cariddi in his hideaway on the slopes of Mount Etna, where we left him at the end of Octopus 7. He is tormented at night by his past: his mother, father, sister, lost loves and villainy are the nocturnal phantoms from which Cariddi is trying to escape.