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Homicide Squad

Set in Rome

In Italian with English subtitles

Chief Inspector Antonio Lazzaro returns to Italy to take charge of the Homicide Squad - immediately striking sparks with ex-lover and colleague Simona Colli. With their crack forensics team, they solve a series of seemingly unrelated murders...or are they?

Cryptic clues from Dante's "Divine Comedy" are found at each crime scene, luring the investigators into a mystery - and a trap.

Soon, Lazarro is racing against time to catch a crazed serial killer - whose ultimate target is Lazzaro himself!

As the bodies pile up, can the Homicide Squad find the Dante Killer in time?

Starring Massimo Ghini, Luisa Ranieri and Marcello Mazzarella, this thrilling 6-part series from acclaimed screenwriter Sandro Petraglia (The Octopus Series 3-7) explores the nature of good and evil, love, obsession and the criminal mind.

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6 Episode Descriptions

The episode information below was obtained from the website
of RAI Trade, the distributor of world-wide licensing for the series.

Blood Ties #1
Legami di Sangue

As the homicide squad moves into new quarters and welcomes new members, a dead woman in a park begins a new case, even as their legendary former boss Antonio Lazzaro [Massimo Ghini] returns from chasing drug dealers in Latin America. But the pivotal witness may well be a young boy.

Lost Game #2
Partita Persa

Is the Dante-quoting serial killer gunning for homicide squad honcho Lazzaro? Meanwhile, there's the the murder to solve of the soccer-playing girl, her body dumped in a seaside warehouse, even as ex-lover/colleague Simona Colli finds a flimsy excuse to move in with Lazzaro to provide round-the-clock protection.

Charade #3

Tough problem for Lazzaro's squad: outside the office where a financial wheeler dealer lies dead, security cameras show everyone who came and went--but the two groups don't match up. And, after examining a cell completely lined with a hand-written copy of Dante's Divine Comedy, Lazzaro stalks colleague Simona Colli, even as a serial killer stalks him.

Crime for Crime #4
Delitto per Delitto

At a local arts center, one young man is hung, the other asphyxiated. Double suicide, right? Wrong! as the squad investigates what exactly broke up that group of kids at the conservatory, Lazzaro and Simona come to a kind of understanding, and the killer that haunts them leaves a bequest.

The Doves Man #5
L'uomo dei Colombi

When a little boy disappears from an orphanage, the local homeless bum with a special way with birds looks good as the top suspect, but Lazzaro isn't satisfied, even as he has to contend with a further revelation from Simona, and a face to face meeting with his murderous stalker.

I Believe We Are Going to the Suffering City#6
Per me si va nella Cittá Dolente

Looks like Lazzaro’s murderous stalker has definitely kidnapped the little girl Lazzaro has recently learned is his and Simona’s daughter. Two guesses as to what he’s going to want to trade for her. Will Lazzaro be the last notch on the revenger’s gun? The suspenseful finale to this six-part mini-series.


Massimo Ghini, Luisa Ranieri, Gabriele Mainetti, Omero Antonutti, Massimiliano Bruno, Chiara Conti, Lucia Ocone, Giuseppe Soleri, Roberto De Francesco, Margherita Ghini, Lucia Sardo, Mario Scarpetta,
Massimo De Santis, Luca Angeletti, Vittorio Viviani, Giorgio Colangeli, Raffaele Vannoli
and special appearances by Marcello Mazzarella, Nicola Macchitella, Silvia Cohen, Gabriella Di Giacinto, Michael Reale, Stefano Calvagna, Ana Caterina Morariu, Flavio Pistilli, Vittorio Viviani, Pietro De Silva, Riccardo Zinna, Patrizia Loreti, Kassandra Voyagis, Remo Remotti