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Books Set in the Veneto

Michael Dibdin
Dead Lagoon
Timothy Holme
 A Funeral of Gondolas
The Devil and the Dolce Vita

Donna Leon

Iain Pears
 The Titian Committee

Edward Sklepowich
9 Mysteries

Massimo Carlotto
 The Colombian Mule
Peter Inchbald
 Short Break in Venice
Carolyn Coker
 Hand of the Lion
Jonathan Gash
 The Gondola Scam
Jane Langton
 The Thief of Venice
Anthony Appiah
Another Death in Venice
Sarah Caudwell
 Thus Was Adonis Murdered
Haughton Murphy
 A Very Venetian Murder
Barbara Wilson
 The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists
Paul Adam
Ellis Peters
 Holiday with Violence
Juan Manuel de Prada
 The Tempest
Frederick Davies
 Snow in Venice
Mickey Friedman
 Venetian Mask
Victor Canning
 Venetian Bird
David Adams Cleveland
 With a Gem-Like Flame
Gregory Dowling
 Every Picture Tells a Story
Daphne du Maurier
 Don't Look Back
Robert Girardi
 Vaporetto 13
David Hewson
 Lucifer's Shadow
Patricia Highsmith
 Those Who Walk Away
Joseph Kanon
Barry Unsworth
 The Stone Virgin
Andrew Wilson
 The Lying Tongue
Jane Turner Rylands
 Venetian Stories
More Venice
John Berendt
 The City of Falling Angels
Giose Rimanelli
 Fall of Night
Velda Johnston
 Masquerade in Venice
Stephen Marlowe
 Terror Is My Trade
Chapman Pincer
 The Four Horses
Muriel Spark
 Territorial Rights
Wilkie Collins
 The Haunted Hotel

Edward S. Aarons
 Assignment-The Girl in the Gondola

Nick Carter
 Mission to Venice

Salley Vickers
 Miss Garnet's Angel
Eric Newby
 On the Shores of the
Marlena De Blasi
 A Thousand Days in Venice
Paula Weideger
 Venetian Dreaming
Jason Goodwin
 The Bellini Card
The Veneto
Douglas Rutherford
 Mystery Tour
Timothy Holme
 The Neapolitan Streak
James Bradberry
 The Seventh Sacrament
Roy Harley Lewis
 Death in Verona
Ben Pastor
 Liar Moon
Gregory Dowling
 A Nice Steady Job
Lionel Black
 The Lady is a Spy

Lake Garda
Timothy Holme
 At the Lake of Sudden Death
Timothy Williams
 The Puppeteer

Barry Maitland
 The Malcontenta

John Grisham
 The Broker