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Books Set in Toscana


Magdalen Nabb
 14 Mysteries

Lucretia Grindle
 The Faces of Angels
 The Villa Triste
 The Lost Daughter
Christobel Kent
 A Time of Mourning
 A Fine and Private Place

Iain Pears
 Giotto's Hand

Michael Dibdin
 A Rich Full Death

Peter Inchbald
 Tondo for Short

Carolyn Coker
 The Other David

Aaron Elkins
 A Deceptive Clarity
John Spencer Hill
 The Last Castrato
Jane Langton
 The Dante Game
Adurey Peterson
 Lament for Christabel
Thomas Swan
 The Da Vinci Deception
Kelly Jones
The Lost Madonna
Victor Canning
 The Python Project
Sarah Dunant
 Mapping the Edge
Michael Gilbert
 The Etruscan Net
 The Family Tomb
Laura Grimaldi
Jonathan Harris
 Seizing Amber
Thomas Harris
Jack Barnao
Robert Hellenga
 The Sixteen Pleasures
Marco Vichi
 Death in August
Michael Dibdin
 And Then You Die
Iain Pears
 The Immaculate Deception
Ann Cornelisen
 Any Four Women Could
 Rob the Bank of Italy
Valerie Martin
 Italian Fever
Velda Johnston
 The Etruscan Smile
James McBride
 Miracle of St. Anna
Michael Ondaatje
 The English Patient
Eric Newby
 A Small Place In Italy
Eric Newby
 On the Shores of the
Frances Mayes
 Under the Tuscan Sun
Jill St. Anne
 The Italian Connection

Joanna Scott

John Spencer Hill
 Ghirlandaio's Daughter


Iain Pears
 The Raphael Affair

Bartholomew Gill
 McGarr and the
Sienese Conspiracy
John Case
 The Eightth Day
John Mortimer
 Summer's Lease
Lyn Hamilton
 The Etruscan Chimera