The Devil in Music by Kate Ross
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Set in Italy


Kate Ross
Jason Goodwin
Wilkie Collins
Michael Dibdin
Peter J. Heck

Kate Ross


KATE ROSS (1956-1998) was the autor of four Julian Kestrel mysteries. 'The Devil in Music' was nominated for an Agatha Award for best Mystery Novel of 1997 and for a Winn Dylis Award, given by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association to books they most enjoy selling. Prior to her death in 1998, she was a trial lawyer with a prominent Boston law firm and lived in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Set in Lake Como
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The Devil in Music

A Julian Ketrel Mystery

JACKET NOTES:  The venerated maestro of historical, Kate Ross, return with her Regency dandy and amateur sleuth, Julian Kestrel, for a fourth mystery--this time far from London, in the sensuous murderous Italy of the 1820s.
Four years ago, the Italian Lodovico Malvezzi was murdered, and Orfeo, the young English tenor he had been training for a career on the glittering operatic stage, disappeared. Kestrel, traveling on the Continent with his ex-pickpocket valet, is irresistibly drawn into the baffling case. He encounters suspects at every turn: a runaway wife and her male soprano lover; a liberal nobleman at odds with Italy’s Austrian overlords; a mocking Frenchman with perfect pitch; a beautiful, clever widow who haunts Kestrel’s dreams; and the missing Orfeo, the penniless protege who just might be a political agent. And when the filler strikes again, Kestrel’s quest for answers spirals into a crescendo of passion, danger, and music as he risks becoming a ruthless murderer’s next victim.
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