SPQR X: A Point of Law by John Maddox Roberts
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Set in Italy


Steven Saylor
Lindsey Davis
John Maddox Roberts
Marilyn Todd
Ron Burns
David Wishart
Jane Finnis
The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley

Historical Novels
Set in Ancient Rome

Robert Harris - Pompeii

Robert Harris - Imperium

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Set in
Ancient Rome


John Maddox Roberts

The SPQR Mystery Series

A Point of Law

Book Description: Decius Caecilius Metellus is moving up in the world. Hes won some money and glory fighting pirates in the Mediterranean and expects a speedy election to the office of Praetor. But, that all changes when a man hes never seen before publicly accuses him of corruption. Decius and his powerful family of Romes leading politicians scramble to prepare a defense. However, the day of the trial they are greeted with a strange surprise on the steps of the courthouse: The corpse of the man who made the accusation. Now Decius is up against a much more serious charge of murder. It may cost him his chance to run for office, but not if he can help it. Roberts once again masterfully sets Decius and his adventures against the background of this famed and crumbling Republic, enriching his story with historical detail and the immortal personalities of the day.
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