Four of Fools by Evelin Sullivan
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy

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Set in Frascati

EVELIN SULLIVAN is the author of three previous novels, 'The Dead Magician', 'The Correspondence', and 'Games of the Blind'. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Evelin Sullivan

Four of Fools

JACKET NOTES:  The characters: John Anders, a middle-aged ex-history professor with a ruined career; his young wife, Vida, who immerses herself in her work with a disconcerting obsessiveness; Jim, their friend, a loose-footed Jack-of-all-trades who has his own agenda; and the enigmatic scientist Geoffrey Fry, the subject of Vida's research, who is attempting to formulate a theory about coincidence by exploring methods as old as the tarot and as modern as radioactive decay.
The four meet in the ancient Italian town of Frascati, and from the beginning an eerie, intangible mood of menace is in the air. The three friends become progressively more estranged from each other, and John comes to realize that his wife is a mystery to him because of a dreadful secret in her past which she has tried to bury. In the course of three weeks, it becomes apparent that they as well as Fry are in mortal danger, threatened by the dark fate each of them strives to control in some way.
A Four of Fools is a psychological thriller at the heart of which lie several interlocking secrets. As the tale gathers moment-urn, the characters are swept up until the novel reaches its haunting conclusion in a startling showdown. Suspenseful and compelling, this is the fourth novel by a masterful storyteller with a growing reputation for melding a dazzling style with 2 gripping narrative.
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