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Eric Newby
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Set in the Appennines
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ERIC NEWBY was born in London in 1919 and was educated at St. Paul’s School. In 1938 he joined the four-masted Finnish barque ‘Moshulu’ as an apprentice and sailed in the last Grain Race from Australia to Europe by way of Cape Horn. During the Second World War he served in the Black Watch and Special Boat Section, and was a prisoner-of-war from 1942 to 1945. After the war his world expanded still further--into the fashion business and book publishing. Whatever else he was doing, he always traveled on a grand scale, either under his own steam or as Travel Editor of The Observer.

Eric Newby

Love and War in the Appennines

JACKET NOTES:  When the Italian Armistice was signed in 194:3. Eric Newby left the prison camp in which he had spent a year and made his way through the forests and mountains south of the Po River. As German troops advanced behind him, Newby cam to depend on an informal network of Italian peasants for food, shelter, and protection.
‘Love and War in the Appennines is Newby’s record of that time, a story filled with bizarre, funny, and often dangerous incidents and events. Newby writes of the idiosyncracies as well as the warmth and generosity of the people who gave him a temporary home, and reveals in often hilarious detail the awakening of his feelings for the local girl who would become his wife. Written with the wit and insight that are Newby’s trademark, this is a remarkable evocation of a special place and time.
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In Love and War

Hallmark Hall of Fame has created a made for television movie based on ‘Love and War in the Apennines’. It tells the true story about a relationship that develops during WWII between a British soldier caught behind enemy lines and a courageous Italian woman who risks her own life to save his. Eric Newby is a POW on the run in Italy in 1943. Mussolini's brownshirts have been relatively lax, but far more menacing German troops are moving in from the North. Wanda, a young Italian woman, offers to secretly teach Newby Italian so that he can attempt to hide his identity from Nazi occupiers. Newby is grateful for her help, and falls in love with her. With the Germans giving chase, Wanda, her father, and several local farmers and villagers selflessly and bravely help Newby flee to the mountains. Eventually, though, Newby surrenders and is taken to prison once more. His greatest fear is that he will never see Wanda again. Filmed in the beautiful Italian countryside, 'In Love and War' stars British actor Callum Blue and Czech actress Barbora Bobulova, who both turn in powerful performances as Eric and Wanda Newby. The Newby's, now in their 80's, journeyed from their home in England to witness the filming of this exciting chapter in their dramatic life story. It is available in both Video and DVD formats
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