Curtains for the Cardinal by Elizabeth Eyre
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Set in Italy


Barbara Cherne
Elizabeth Eyre
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Sacred Hearts
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Set in the Italian

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Elizabeth Eyre

The Sigismondo Mystery Series

Curtains for the Cardinal

JACKET NOTES:  The Duke of Rocca's sister lies dying, her final words a baffling plea to her brother's envoy, Sigismondo. When the peace of the bedchamber is shattered by an act of shocking violence, Sigismondo is quick to rescue Princess Oralia's young daughter, and carry her away from the city of Montenero to safety.
Minerva, at first understandably suspicious of Sigismondo, quickly grows to trust her enigmatic saviour. Accompanied by the shrewd half-wit, Benno, and Biondello the dog, they travel to Fontecasta to fulfil the Princess's deathbed request, and then to Colleverde. Colleverde is thronging with pilgrims, eagerly looking forward to the festivities on the arrival of the bones of Saint Bernardina and on the marriage between Princess Minerva and Lord Astorre. Sigismondo hopes to keep those under his protection concealed in the crowd, but events prove fraught with danger: divine intervention, deadly conspiracy and macabre murder are just some of the surprises Sigismondo must contend with before he solves a puzzle, facilitates a wedding and foils an attempted assassination.
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