Assignment-Lili Lamaris by Edward S. Aarons
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy


Edward S. Aarons
Jack Barnao
Nick Carter
James Halliday
James Rollins
Don Smith

Set in Rome

Edward S. Aarons

The Sam Durell Series

Assignment-Lili Lamaris

JACKET NOTES: Sam Durell was flying to Rome to take the place of a dead man. Another agent for the C.I.A. had been cut down by the enemy. He had been found in a back alley, his blind eyes staring up at the brilliant Italian sun.
Well, Durell thought, it was simply the business they were in. The profit-and-loss factor in an international game called The Cold War.
He hadn't been briefed yet on his assignment. But he did know one thing--he was being followed. That meant the killer was now on his trail. That also meant that his only contact, Lili Lamaris, was in deadly danger.
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