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Crime Series on DVD

Many crime series set in selected countries are now available on DVD. These are basically TV mini-series which eventually have been released commercially on DVD in a variety of markets around the world. Most are from non-English speaking countries and have English subtitles.

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Often, to view these terrific shows, one must own a region-free DVD player capable of handling both NTSC and PAL video formats. For more technical detail use the following link:

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Many series are now available including:

Donna Leon's  Commissario Brunetti

Andrea Camilleri's  Inspector Montalbano

Andrea Camilleri's  The Young Montalbano

Cesare Mori
Two episodes in November 2013

Valerio Varesi's  Commissario Soneri

Carlo Lucarelli's  Inspector Coliandro  and  Commissario De Luca

Inspector Nardone (Milan)

Inspector Vivaldi (Trieste)

Michael Dibdin's  Aurelio Zen

Giancarlo de Cataldo's  Romanzo Criminale

Corleone: Capo dei Capi (Tale of Salvatore “Totto” Riina)

La Piovra (The Octopus - set in Sicily)

La Omicidi (Homicide Squad - set in Rome)

A Case of Conscience (Legal Drama)

Don Matteo (Crime Drama Lite - set in Gubbio)


Many series are now available including:

Sjöwall & Wahlöö's  Martin Beck

Henning Mankell's  Kurt Wallander

Liza Marklund's Annika Bengtzon

Johan Falk (Crime Thriller)

Arne Dahl's "A" Group Special Unit

Helene Tursten's  Irene Huss

Håkan Nesser's  Van Veeteren

TV Thriller  Bron/(The Bridge)

Rolf Lassgård as  Sebastian Bergman

...more Rolf Lassgård  Jägarna 1 & 2

Mikael Persbrandt in  Innocently Convicted

Stieg Larsson's  The Millennium Trilogy

Anna Jansson's Maria Wern

Anno 1790

Political Drama  Those in Power


Many series are now available including:

The First Danish TV Series  Ørnen  (The Eagle)

TV Thriller  Rejseholdet (Unit One)

TV Thriller  Forbrydelsen (The Killing)

TV Thriller  Den som dræber (Those Who Kill)

TV Thriller  Broen/(The Bridge)

Police Drama  Anna Pihl

Crime Drama Lulu and the Bankrobber

Political Drama  Borgen


Maigret (Georges Simenon)

Fabio Montale (Marseilles Trilogy, Jean-Claude Izzo):
3 super films starring Alain Delon.

Frank Riva (more Alain Delon)

New in the Fall of 2013
Blood on the Docks
Antigone 34

Engrenages (Spiral)
TV Thriller (4 Seasons)

Blood of the Vine
Benjamin Lebel Series

TV Cop Thriller (2 Seasons)

Thriller based on the life of Jacques Mesrine

Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg ( Fred Vargas):
4 episode collection available on DVD.


Crime Stories

Based on books by Ferdinand von Schirach,
this six-part series consists of unusual cases inspired by actual crimes.


Vares: Private Eye


New in the Fall of 2013
The Half Brother

Gunnar Staalesen's  Varg Veum


TV Crime Drama  East West 101
TV Thriller  Epitaflos (Epitaphs)
Robert Wilson's Falcón