The League of Night and Fog by David Morrell
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy

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Set in Rome


DAVID MORRELL is one of America's most popular and critically acclaimed storytellers. To give his stoires a realistic edge, he has been trained in wilderness survival, hostage negotiation, execution protection, antiterrorist driving, assuming identities, electronic surveillance, and weapons. A former professor American literature at the University of Iowa, Morrell now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

David Morrell

The League of Night and Fog

JACKET NOTES:  They were once master assassins, Saul and Drew--lethal weapons who dealt death with icy efficiency.

Today they are silent warriors. Sick of the bloodshed. Penitent. But still potent.

Now, for the first time, their paths will cross. Comrades in killing, they must join forces against a treacherous power from the past.

This will be their most crucial assignment. It could also be their last.

Charged with raw action and harrowing suspense, here is a riveting novel of madness and murder, as the two heroes from THE FRATERNITY OF THE STONE and THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE realize they are bound by a mission, and are determined to any cost.
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