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Inspector Coliandro

In Italian with English Subtitles
14 Episodes Set in Bologna

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Episode Descriptions

The episode information below was obtained from the website of
RAI Trade, the distributor of world-wide licensing for the series.

Episode 1
Day of the Wolf (Il giorno del lupo)

Coliandro, a young, low-ranking police officer in Bologna, accidentally comes into contact with Nikita when she comes to see a colleague of him in another department. She wants to show him a suspect package that she has been given to deliver. Coliandro, seeing this as his big break in the force, offers to help her. The package contains a large sum of money in cash and a mysterious floppy disk that blocks the police computing system. When they try to deliver the package to the addressee, they find him dead in his office.

Episode 2
Into a Trap (In trappola)

Inspector Trombetti returns fire during a police operation in a dark garage. When the lights come on, the body of a local gangster is found, but he was unarmed. Trombetti is suspended, and there are even rumours that he once worked for the gangster. Coliandro, convinced of his friend's innocence, clears Trombetti and discovers who the dishonest cop really is, all with the help of the gangster's sister, with whom he falls in love.

Chinese Revenge (Vendetta cinese)

Chinese child vanishes, leaving behind a dragon key ring. Urged on by his sweet but insistent niece, Ispector Coliandro, theoretically on leave to look after the little girl, begins an investigation of his own within Bologna's Chinese community.

Episode 4
Black Magic (Magia nera)

A Nigerian girl is killed. After a series of blunders, Coliandro is accused of being racist. He is taken off the case and assigned to escort Kiru, the victim’s sister, from Nigeria. The two wind up having a passionate affair as Coliandro discovers that the victim was actually a maid killed by Kiru’s sister, who was trying to get her hands on a large sum of money.

Episode 5
The Pistol (La pistola)

Jelena, a young woman of Slavic origin, steals Coliandro’s pistol while he is trying to arrest her for theft. Unable to let his fellow officers or superiors know what has happened to his weapon, Coliandro sets off on yet another personal investigation. In his search for the pistol, he uncovers an alliance between the merciless "Balkans Mafia" and the Neapolitan Camorra, as well as a racket involving the recycling of toxic waste.

Episode 6
Sex and Secrets (L'escort)

A minor murder case would go unnoticed, were it not for the escorts, or high-class call girls, involved. Plus the fact that the investigation is being sandbagged from on high. Though Coliandro is told to work on other matters, he naturally begins a counter-investigation of his own. With the help of Simona, also an escort, he uncovers a complex plot that incriminates deviant portions of the secret service and strongholds of economic and political power.

Episode 7
Double Robbery (La rapina)

A group of armed robbers takes the customers and personnel of a bank hostage, little knowing that Inspector Coliandro is using the bank’s bathroom, or that there are three even more desperate criminals - armed with real weapons and not toy ones like the robbers – already in the bank, ready to do whatever it takes to retrieve important documents that could send them to prison. Coliandro, once again leaving his superiors speechless, foils both plots, saving the hostages in the bargain.

Episode 8
Never Steal from a Thief (Il furto)

A band of gipsies robs the wrong house. Realizing as much, their chief Vlad tries to take the loot back. But, shortly after, he and a gipsy girl are killed. Another girl, who Coliandro once let go after catching her stealing, survives the attack and runs to the Inspector for help. Working alongside Elena, a young social worker specialized in gipsy affairs, as well as his fellow officer "Gambero", Coliandro uncovers a dangerous criminal band.

Episode 9
Never Retreat (Sempre avanti)

While on duty at a soccermatch, Coliandro arrests a hooligan who provides an important tip in exchange for his release. But Coliandro, injured by an escaping girl hooligan at the same game, fails to hear the information. When the informant, plus the other officers who were with Coliandro that day, die inmysterious circumstances, Coliandro, with the help of Lara, a female kick-boxing champion and friend of the dead hooligan, sets out to discover exactly what he “doesn’t know”.

Episode 10
The Suspect (Il sospetto)

Coliandro’s long-time friend Gargiulo is the primary suspect in the murder of a beautiful young Slavic girl named Giada. A desperate Coliandro draws on the help of Catena, Gargiulo’s cousin and a female folksinger. Giada was an aspiring actress, and thanks to Catena’s undercover work in the office of the murdered girl’s press agent, Coliandro brings to the light a prostitution ring specialised in blackmailing leading political and financial figures.

Episode 11
Campus Thrill (Sangue in facolitá)

The murders of two professors and a student convince Coliandro that a serial killer is on the loose at the University of Bologna, but nobody on the force buys his theory. While carrying out yet another one of his “private” investigation, Coliandro also does his best to protect Valentina, a young, sightless assistant professor whom hebelieves is on the killer’s list, and whose delicate, sensitive personality makes for a marked contrast with the Inspector’s own uncouth, superficial self.

Episode 12
Cous Cous (Cous cous alla Bolognese)

Inspector Coliandro receives a missing-person report from Amina, a young North African woman whose honest, hard-working father has disappeared. With Amina by his side, and increasingly in his heart, Coliandro stumbles onto a colossal error on the part of foreign intelligence services and rogue elements of domestic intelligence. Though in over his head from the start, Coliandro’s investigation leads to the arrest of a dangerous terrorist and thwarts the plot of the rogue Italian agents.

Episode 13
Anomaly 21 (Anomalia 21)

Though Coliandro has been transferred to the passport control office, he manages to save a young states witness from being killed by the Mafiosi against whom she will be testifying. A new prosecutor mistakes Coliandro’s unconventional methods for aiding and abetting the Mafia and has him jailed. After narrowly surviving an attempt on his own life, Coliandro uncovers an underworld spy within the force, though naturally the credit for what he has done goes elsewhere.

Episode 14
666 (666)

Coliandro, whose latest transfer finds him in the police-dog department, is asked by his sister to find out whether her daughter Angelica is involved in a satanic sect. Coliandro infiltrates the group and saves Vanessa, a sensual “dark lady”, from an attempted rape. Vanessa offers to help Coliandro search for his niece Angelica, who has gone missing. But when Vanesssa turns out to be the leader of the sect, it looks like both Angelica and Coliandro are about to be sacrificed by the Satanists.