Day After Day by Carlo Lucarelli
© 2002-2017
Mystery Series
Set in Italy


Donna Leon
Andrea Camilleri
Michael Dibdin
Timothy Williams
Magdalen Nabb
Grace Brophy
Massimo Carlotto
Gianrico Carofiglio
Carlo Lucarelli
Timothy Holme
Iain Pears
Edward Sklepowich
Marshall Browne
David Hewson
Simon Buck
Aaron Elkins

Set in Bologna
(Emilia Romagna)
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Carlo Lucarelli

(The Ispettore Grazia Negro Mystery Series)

Day After Day

(Translated from the Italian by Oonah Stransky)

Ispettore Grazia Negro returns to track down another faceless killer in this intelligently woven plot of sex, violence and suspense from the author of Almost Blue.

Jacket Notes: A professional killer is at large in the cities of Italy. Code named "The Pit Bull" the killer is a master of disguise and an expert with weapons. He modifies his guns and his bullets are untraceable. His skill with prosthetics, wigs, makeup and padding means that no two victims witness the same before their death and, as with the search for the ever-reincarnating "Iguana" in Almost Blue, once again this is a hunt for a man with no face. Only the picture of a pit bull terrier, from which the killer takes his name, left behind at each murder can link the crimes. Stuck in a rut, the Pit Bull's life continues, day after day. And, day after day, Ispettore Negro works on her seemingly impossible case. When an innocent young man, surfing the Internet, unwittingly places himself in serious danger from the Pit Bull, Negro uses the man's knowledge of cyberspace to help her close in on her terrifying target.
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