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Ørnen - The Eagle
Rejseholdet - Unit One
   -The Protectors
Forbrydelsen-The Killing

Den som dræber
   -Those Who Kill

Broen - The Bridge
The Spider
 (1941 Copenhagen)
Anna Pihl
Lulu and the Bankrobber




Danish Political Drama
In Danish with English Subtitles

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Borgen is a drama sensation from the producers of the acclaimed series The Killing. Following the intricate and complicated lives of politicians, media spinners and the reporters who feed off their triumphs and failures, Borgen uncovers a world of political and personal intrigue. The setting is Borgen, the nickname for Denmark's Parliamentary building, otherwise known as "The Castle". After scoring her party a landslide victory through her idealism and work ethic, the smart and sexy populist Birgitte Nyborg now faces the biggest dilemma of her life. The question is: Will she succumb to pressure of compromise on her ideals and face consequences both on and off the political stage?


Birgitte Nyborg has been Denmark s Prime Minister for two years years that have taken their toll on her private life. She must now balance her role of PM with that of divorcée and single-mother. Politically, she has succeeded in earning the respect of both her political allies and enemies, but tensions between parties are mounting. Denmark s participation in international wars as well as certain central domestic policy issues are driving a wedge through the parliament and Birgitte is increasingly finding herself having to make shaky compromises. Series 2 sees the return of journalist Katrine Fønsmark who, having moved to the Ekspres, finds herself being morally and ethically challenged by the ruthless editor-in-chief, Michael Laugesen. Meanwhile, Kasper Juul, who continues to work as Birgitte Nyborg s spin doctor, struggles to suppress his inner demons as his past threatens to intrude on his relationship with new girlfriend, Lotte.


Can you attain power and still be yourself?

Over two years have passed and Birgitte Nyborg is no longer the Prime Minister of Denmark. Disillusioned with the way her old party is heading she decides to try to make a comeback by publicly challenging the incumbent Party Chairman. Failing narrowly in this attempt, Birgitte assesses her options and concludes that her only way back into politics is to start again and found a new political party. Forging an unlikely alliance with journalist, Katrine Fønsmark, who becomes her new media adviser and spokesman, the third season of BORGEN follows the journey of Nyborg and her new party towards a taking a fresh shot at parliament and fighting her way back to power back to Borgen .