Monza & Curve by Bob Judd
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy

CRIMNI - Italian Noir


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Bob Judd


BOB JUDD has been writing about motor racing since the day he say Dan Gurney win the Belgian Grand Prix in 1967. As an international creative director of J. Walter Thompson, he wrote and produced over thirty films with Jackie Stewart, wrote some of the Lee lacocca commercials that helped save Chrysler, and was responsible for Ford's advertising in Europe.

Set in Bologna
Rome (Lazio)
Sicily (Sicilia)

UK Edition

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USA Edition

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Monza (UK Title)
( USA Title)

JACKET NOTES:  Racing the length and breadth of Italy, from Bologna to Rome, from Sicily to a high-speed climax on the twists and turns of Monza's unforgiving Formula One circuit, star driver Forrest Evers begins a new duel with death...
...a battle against the Mafia for the life of a beautiful woman...
(© Pan Books)

Bob Judd's highspeed thrillers featuring former race-car driver Forrest Evers have captured the attention of critics and readers alike. Now his newest adventure proves that the world-class racer can handle the sharpest curves--and the shrewdest criminals...

Guido DiSanto is young, rich, talented--and a thorn in Forrest Ever's side. But when DiSanto's beautiful, terrified wife begs Evers to help her escape to Rome, dislike turns to suspicion--and a favor for a pretty lady turns into a desparate race for survival. He's used to danger-but this may be the wildest ride for his life...
(© Berkley Prime Crime)