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The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley

Historical Novels
Set in Ancient Rome

Robert Harris - Pompeii

Robert Harris - Imperium

Steven Saylor - Roma

Barbara Hambly


BARBARA HAMBLY was born in 1951 and grew up in Montclair, California. She holds an M.A. in Medieval History from the University of California, riverside, and a black belt in karate. She is the author of a fantasy trilogy, TIME OF THE DARK, THE WALLS OF AIR, and THE ARMIES OF DAYLIGHT. Ms. Hambly lives in Los Angeles, California.

Set in
Ancient Rome

Out of Print

Search the Seven Hills

(originally titled: The Quirinal Hill Affair)

JACKET NOTES:  It is A.S. 116. The Roman streets are quiet. The moon is full. The perfect setting for the perfect crime...
Marcus Silanus is a serious young man. but none of his knowledge helps when the lovely Tullia Varia, the woman he has loved since childhood, is kidnapped at the top of Rome’s exclusive Quirinal Hill before his eyes...
Haunted by his beloved’s screams, Marcus begins to search for Tullia, embarking on a quest that takes him from the luxuriant baths to the pageant-filled arenas, from the depths of the catacombs to a sensuous brothel. It’s a suspense-filled journey that bring him face-to-face with gladiators, pagans, Christians, senators, and slaves alike.
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