Lament for Christabel by Audrey Peterson
© 2002-2017
Mystery Series
Set in Italy


Donna Leon
Andrea Camilleri
Michael Dibdin
Timothy Williams
Magdalen Nabb
Grace Brophy
Massimo Carlotto
Gianrico Carofiglio
Carlo Lucarelli
Timothy Holme
Iain Pears
Edward Sklepowich
Marshall Browne
David Hewson
Simon Buck
Aaron Elkins

Set in Florence
Out of Print

Audrey Peterson

The Andrew Quentin and Jane Winfield Mystery Series

Lament for Christabel

JACKET NOTES:  In an ancient Italian olive grove, the curtain rises on...Murder!
The late Piero Marini has been a successful, highly acclaimed composer, whose private life was a happily passionate muddle of wives, ex-wives, mistresses--and a single, cherished daughter, the mesmerizing Tina.
Andrew Quentin was at Casa Marini, outside Florence, to study the composer’s brilliant, unfinished “Christabel”, a work that resonated eerily with the composer’s own tumultuous existence. Instead, Quentin stumbled upon a shocking scene that left Tina’s estranged husband dead, Tina haunted by virulent threats--and Andrew utterly in love with the terrified young widow...
On assignment in Italy, Jane Winfield began to sort out the featured players from the extras. And from the Tuscan hills to England’s peaceful Lake District to a tiny Swiss retreat, Jane and Andrew sought to unravel a twenty-year-old mystery--as the visible strands inexorably tightened into a fatal finale!
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The Andrew Quentin and Jane Winfield Mystery Series

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