A Deception Clarity by Aaron Elkins
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Mystery Series
Set in Italy


Donna Leon
Andrea Camilleri
Michael Dibdin
Timothy Williams
Magdalen Nabb
Grace Brophy
Massimo Carlotto
Gianrico Carofiglio
Carlo Lucarelli
Timothy Holme
Iain Pears
Edward Sklepowich
Marshall Browne
David Hewson
Simon Buck
Aaron Elkins

Set in Florence
Berlin, Frankfurt, London
Out of Print

Aaron Elkins

The Chris Norgren Mystery Series

A Deceptive Clarity

JACKET NOTES:  Chris Norgren--museum curator and Renaissance art expert--heads to Berlin to help mount a sensational exhibit: twenty priceless Old Masters, once thought to be lost forever, and recently found by U.S. forces. But the occasion turns chilling when Chris's boss, after smelling a forgery in the lot, turns up dead the very next day outside a Frankfurt brothel. Now Chris faces two near-impossible tasks: finding a fake painting among the masterpieces, and a real killer still at large ....
(©Fawcett Gold Medal Books)

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