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Commissario Brunetti
 (Donna Leon)

   (Andrea Camilleri)
Young Montalbano
 (Il giovane Montalbano)
Inspector Montalbano
 (Original Series)

The Vanishing of Pató

1992 NEW!
Commissario Manara
Donna Detective
Cesare Mori
Giovanni Falcone
Borsellino-57 Days
Commissario Soneri
 (Valerio Varesi)
Inspector Coliandro
 (Carlo Lucarelli)
Commissario De Luca
 (Carlo Lucarelli)
Inspector Nardone
 (RAI Trade)
Inspector Vivaldi
 (My Son)
Aurelio Zen
 (Michael Dibdin)
Romanzo Criminale
 (Giancarlo de Caltaldo)
Capo dei Capi
La Piovra
 (The Octopus)
La Omicidi
 (Homicide Squad)
Un Caso di Coscienza
 (A Case of Conscience)
Don Matteo
 (RAI Trade)


Love It or Leave It

Non-Series Films
 Tom Ripley
 Ispettore Grazia Negro
 Inspector Giacomo Amaldi



Il Commissario Montalbano
Based on the Andrea Camilleri Novels

26 Episodes Set in Sicily
In Italian with English Subtitles

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Episode Descriptions

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Episode Descriptions
These episode descriptions were obtained from the website of
RAI Trade, the distributor of world-wide licensing for the series.

1 - The Snack Thief
Il Ladro di Merendine

Detective Montalbano investigates the murder of a man called Lapecora, the owner of an import-export company. His widow suspects that her husband was killed by his lover Karima, a young Tunisian woman who mysteriously disappeared the very day of the murder. Montalbano manages to track down the woman’s son, François, who had been hiding, terrified in the streets of the neighbourhood. As the detective investigates and the mystery becomes darker and more complex, what will happen to little François?

2 - The Voice of the Violin
La voce del violino

Accidentally, Detective Montalbano finds the naked corpse of a young woman in a villa outside the village. Montalbano starts investigating and finds out that the woman, Michela Licalzi, had recently bought the villa and come to Sicily from Bologna to restore it. Unfortunately the case is taken away from Montalbano and precious time will be lost while the Detective tries to get his case back.

3 - The Shape of Water
La forma dell'acqua

Luparello, a leading politician, dies in the arms of the daughter of a political rival while making love to her. It seems pretty straightforward, but Montalbano discovers that it was all staged by Rizzo, another political opponent, who didn't count on Giorgio, Luparello's young lover, in whose arms the politician had actually passed away.

4 - Terracotta Dog
Il Cane di terracotta

An informer reveals to Montalbano the existence of an arms cache in a cave outside of town. In the cave, in addition to the load of weapons, the police find two bodies in a secret chamber buried seemingly according to an obscure ritual. Montalbano is curious about the find, but first has to deal with the issue of arms smuggling unveiled by the informer’s revelation. Severely injured after an ambush set up by the Mafia to prevent him from proceeding with the inquiry, he will spend most of his convalescence trying to solve the mystery of the bodies in the cave.

5 - Trip to Tindari
La gita a Tindari

Detective Montalbano is faced with a double mystery: the murder of Nenè Sanfilippo, a freelance informatics expert, and the disappearance of Mr. and Mrs. Griffo, an elderly couple last seen during an excursion to Tindari. Montalbano suspects that Sanfilippo’s affair with Vania Titulesco, the Rumanian wife of noted transplant surgeon Eugenio Isgrò, has something to do with his death. Then, when the charred bodies of the Griffos are found, the detective discovers that the elderly couple had been renting a farmhouse to Sanfilippo, who supposedly used it to meet with his lover.

6 - The Touch of the Artist
Tocco d'artista

Goldsmith Alberto Larussa would appear to have committed suicide by turning his wheelchair into an electric chair. But then detective Montalbano discovers that the dead man’s will, which leaves everything to his brother Giacomo, has been forged. Giacomo is arrested. But then after further research, Montalbano learns that years earlier, during a fight over Emma Morpurgo, a girl they had both fallen in love with, Giacomo had pushed Roberto down a stairway, leaving him paralysed. To avenge this, Alberto had staged his death in order to make it look like the murderer was his brother.

7 - Sense of Touch
Il senso del tatto

The apparently accidental death of a blind man leads Montalbano to an island off the coast of Sicily where the passing of a local fisherman leads to the discovery that he and the blind man had each deposited huge sums of money in their respective bank accounts.

8 - Montalbano’s Croquettes
Gli Arancini di Montalbano

When Mr. Pagnozzi, chairman of a public works company, and his young wife Stefania are found dead in their car in a gully, the immediate conclusion is an accident. However, the fact that the woman’s nails are broken causes Montalbano to suspect that things are not that simple and that the couple was in fact murdered. The investigation, initially focused on some Albanian immigrants, gradually reveals the secrets in Pagnozzi’s past and how these secrets returned to haunt him and his young unfaithful wife.

9 - The Scent of the Night
L'odore della notte

The financial wizard Emanuele Gargano has disappeared with the savings entrusted to him by the people of Montelusa. Where is he now? Basking on some distant island or feeding the fishes, punished by an irate Mafioso? Montalbano’s investigation brings him into contact with Maria Stella Cosentino, Gargano’s loyal assistant, and the beautiful Michela Manganaro, another employee who tells him that Gargano was gay and involved with the third employee Giacomo Pellegrino.

10 - The Goldfinch and the Cat
Il Gatto e il Cardellino

A series of mysterious muggings takes place in Vigata, end in tragedy when one of the victims is killed. Meanwhile, a man virtually destroys the emergency room of the local hospital upon discovering that his daughter is pregnant. A local gynaecologist has also gone missing and could possibly be dead. When he finds out that the missing doctor is responsible for the unwanted pregnancy, Montalbano starts to discover the link between these incidents and so brings each case to its occasionally surprising conclusion.

11 - Turning Point
Il giro di boa

Montalbano's most difficult case begins during one of his morning swims, when he finds a badly decomposed body floating in the water. While consulting a fisherman on what might have happened, the detective spots a group of illegal immigrants being escorted ashore...

12 - Equal Time
Par condicio

The murder of Angelo Bonpensiero would appear to be the start of a mafia war. Montalbano has his doubts. He is then taken off the case and assigned to investigate the disappearance of a young Ukrainian woman, seemingly unrelated to the previous case he will find out that he should have trusted his instinct after all...

13 - The Spider’s Patience
La pazienza del ragno

The kidnapping of Susanna Mistretta puzzles Montalbano. Her family, once wealthy, has fallen on hard times. Only her uncle, Antonio Peruzzo, a successful local businessman hoping to enter politics, could possibly pay the large ransom. Digging deeper into the family's affairs Montalbano realizes that Peruzzo was the cause of the family's financial ruin and that Susanna is not really in danger after all...

14 - Find the Lady
Il gioco delle tre carte

The death of a local construction tycoon Girolamo Cascio leads Montalbano back to the murder of Cascio's leading competitor, Giacomo Alletto, who was shot and killed two decades earlier, a crime pinned on the man's business partner, Rocco Pennisi who was sent to jail. Lead as ever by his infallible gut feeling, Montalbano unearths a twentyyear- old conspiracy..

15 - Paper Moon
La luna di carta

Wealthy womanizer Angelo Pardo is killed in what seems to be a crime of passion. But Montalbano, as usual, refuses to trust appearances and carries out the investigation his way, delving into the victim’s past and talking with anyone that may be involved in the case. Including a number of politicians who start dying one after the other, victims of a bad batch of cocaine. In the end Montalbano faces the toughest challenge of his career: to try to comprehend the female psyche to solve this crime.

16 - Track of Sand
La pista di sabbia

A badly injured horse dies on the beach in front of Montalbano’s house. The investigation opened by the Chief detective brings him into contact with elegant races organized by local nobles, as well as the secret contests held by the mafia for illegal betting. Montalbano even meets a beautiful horsewoman who is a friend of Ingrid’s. Avoiding the distractions placed in his way, Montalbano solves the case with a crafty strategy, even clearing the faithful Galluzzo of a murder charge.

17 - The Wings of the Sphynx

Le ali della sfinge

The naked body of a young woman that has been shot in the face is found at a dumpsite. On her shoulder the same tattooed butterfly as all the other eastern European girls that have found shelter at the local church. When Montalbano starts his investigation, the bishop has a strange reaction. The police chief pressures him into leaving the bishop alone and Livia pressures him into taking her someplace nice, to sort things out. As usual, Montalbano solves the case. But his personal life is in a pretty bad shape...

18 - August Flame (August Heat)

La vampa d'agosto

While a guest at the rented beach house of a fellow officer and his family, Montalbano discovers the body of Rina, a young woman who had disappeared six years earlier, in a trunk. As he begins his investigation, Montalbano falls prey to a burning passion for the dead woman’s twin sister Adriana. She helps him search for the murderer, but, at the same time, she drives him wild, to the point where he unwittingly starts carrying out her plans for vengeance.

19 - The Potter's Field
Il campo del vasaio

A disfigured corpse is discovered in a field of clay outside Vigata. The body has been there for months, exposed to the elements. There's no way of indentifying it in the initial phase, but a woman has reported her husband missing, a Columbian forn named Giovanni Alfano.
As the murder details are fleshed out, a strong parallel develops with the biblical tale of Judas, and the 30 pieces of silver thrown to the ground in a potter's field. And the possibilities develop that the murder was a mafia one - the death of the treacherous member of la famiglia. At the station, Montalbano also has his hands full with the moods of Mimi Augello, and the discovery that Mimi has a secret lover. A rich episode of Montalbano indeed!

20 - The Gull's Dance
La danza del gabbiano

A little known fact: seagulls often engage in a macabre dance prior to their death. Montalbano is fascinated to see such an event as he prepares to meet Livia for a holiday. He just needs to check at the office before he leaves, but...
It's evident when he arrives that Fazio has not arrived, and what's more, he cannot be contacted. The only lead is an oppointment Fazio had with a former classmate. The last time he was seen was on the docks in a previous investigation. The clues lead to a search in the country, and soon, a body turns up...

21 - Treasure Hunt
La caccia al tesoro

One morning, Gregorio and Caterina Palmisano, brother and sister, and a pair of bigoted elderly citizens take to shooting from their balcony! It's a tense situation when Montalban seeks to disarm the older Sicilians, but the tension is broken by curiosity when he discovers and inflatable doll in their apartment, along with other signs of madness.
And what should burn up the next day? A twin to the inflatable doll! Soon enough, a corpse will be discovered, and a very Sicilian treasure hunt will commence...

22 - The Age of Doubt
L’età del dubbio

A shock upon awakening: Montalbano has dreamed his own funeral. And Livia did not attend...
The episode is all about the sea, about dreams, and about Salvo Montalbano's frustrations with growing older, but first the crime: a disfigured corpse is discovered upon a boat in the Vigat harbour. The investigation focus on a range of characters all based around the harbour. It's initially uncertain whether the case is a suicide, or a murder, but once the latter is established, a comples case gets underway.

23 - Angelica's Smile
Il sorriso di Angelica

A series of robberies take place within the singular Vigata s elite. One of the victims is Angelica, a young bank manager: gorgeous, magnetic. Montalbano is bowled over; she suggests the heroine of Ariosto's Orlando Furiouso and not only for her name. Salvo falls to her feet like a schoolboy and tries his best in fighting a difficult battle to resist her. Meanwhile, the investigation continues until he realizes that the robberies are only a cover for something completely different, much more serious and tragic.

24 - Mirror Effect

Somebody's trying to confuse Detective Montalbano: a strange villa, a love story out of Shakespeare, some mysterious explosions and a couple of dead bodies complicate the question of what is and isn't real. A game of mirrors seems to culminate in a warning to Montalbano himself. One thing is certain; behind this strange case there is something really big and the detective has to find out what it is. As the case gets more difficult, something slips out of Montalbano's control.

25 - A Voice in the Night
Una voce di notte

A theft at a supermarket controlled by a Mafia family... and the Mafia inspires fear, especially when it s allied with politics. Montalbano finds himself having to trap the guilty using even more unconventional methods. This time he does something he'd never done before, at least up to now. But when your adversaries aren t following the rules, you re authorized to break them yourself. In the end what counts is just solving the case, at least until the next homicide.

26 - A Ray of Light

Thousands of Tunisians are fleeing their homeland for Sicily and at the same time a great number of robberies have started. To Montalbano, the connections between the refugees and the robberies sounds contradictory. Running parallel to two robbery cases is another case linked to arms dealers. During the investigations it becomes increasingly clear that the three men involved are not terrorists, but were trying to get weapons to the rebels fighting against dictatorship in Tunisia.